Board Meeting Notes 2013-12-03

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 7:14? pm


Board Members

  • Ed
  • Bry
  • Steve
  • Eric
  • Jesse
  • Josh

Other Members

  • Dee
  • Will McShane
  • Rhys
  • Tucker


  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check the inbox weekly.
  • Member leaving reason report
  • Review Trello board, report progress made.
  • review
  • check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • new business
  • old business
  • go over Trello

Trello things

needs filling in from

New Business

  • Electric bill due 12/2, Farkas should have the info he needs from Eric by the time of the meeting
  • Monica now scans
  • Getting SSL encrypted logins for the blog.
    • It would be a very bad idea to do domain logins for the Wordpress blog unless we are able to keep end to end encryption of username/password data. From what I gather, we would need to upgrade to a business account with Paigly (PS:1's hosted Wordpress vendor) in order to get this. I'd like a final yes or no on whether or not this is a route we want to go, and to either have this happen or get permission/access to make this happen. --Hef (talk) 13:13, 10 November 2013 (CST)
    • This has been on the todo list for three weeks. Let's make sure we actually get to this. --Bry (talk) 00:42, 30 November 2013 (CST)

Old Business



  • discussed some people leaving normally without being annoyed
  • discussed idea of making people who don't pay on a schedule pay more, and make a budget that is board discretion out of it
  • discuss hot metal areas budget. Ryan wants a reimbursement. We haven't yet done the transactions into the budgets yet. This owuld be under metal area, Mike's budget. This hasn't happened yet, we have to look at the budget.
  • Farkas paid back Skilton via paypal for the kitchen costs.
  • scanner now works
  • Eric is going to ask Tucker what's going on with the Mill money. We just want an update, nothing odd expected.
  • board votes to spend up to 200 dollars additional to hosting costs to secure the pagely install so we can do SSO
  • scanner has been fixed, looks like Steve Farkas is working on it, Eric suggests that they need to make it easy to use.
  • Tucker showed up. He is returning $1500 leftover from the mill purchase. He does not have a "real" receipt for the mill and its deliveries, will have Bart make one up and sign it.
  • We're skipping flourish paperwork, as Steve and Bry have left.
  • No update on loan info.
  • Building electrical system is in a good state. Wiki page that Eric started is getting regular updates about the improvements.
  • Our taxes and attorney general filings -- we've been auditing them-- we're almost ready to send them.
  • Haskal LLC - Bry contacted Russell Port, and he responded, said he was sorry and didn't realize it was a problem to list us as his address. We received a letter from the postal service, appears to be confirming address change. Eric is contacting him to find out what we should do with it.
  • Equip loan agreement - Ed is working on it with Bry. They will discuss it next week.
  • Eric asked Jaku about fire extinguishers, we have $100 to spend on them. He's working on getting hardware together. Eric is waiting for update.
  • Eric talked to Sasha about meetup, he can't help us, looks like Ish is the only one who can. Eric will email Ish and Dan Meyer (who is in contact with Ish) about it.
  • Discussion on internet. We're spending $130, and have crappy internet. Eric suggests we get "50MB down 10MB up" comcast plan, while we're setting up. Then we get rid of Atmosphere cuz it keeps going down.
  • Rhys suggests that we don't rent a modem, we buy one.
  • Electric bill is paid.
  • reimbursing Ryan - need to discuss this after Bry and Steve are done fixing quickbooks tonight, to see how much money is left in the metalshop supply budget.


Membership Report

  • full members: 92
  • starving hackers: 182
  • friend: 1
  • total:

Meeting end: ??