Board Meeting Notes 2017-01-03

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Justin
    • Brian
    • Lyn
    • Jennie
    • Simon
    • Ray
  • Other Members
    • Andrew


  • Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • Consent Agenda
  • Committee Reports
  • Read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the PayPal and banking transactions
  • Member leaving reason reports
  • Check RT queue
    • #5825 Ray Doeksen to reimburse money@ for $138.03
    • #5856 Burton requesting points for Ken (and spending authority/PEX, and an assistant)
    • #5859 Trygve requesting point(s).
    • #5874 Andrew requesting discussion on security cameras.
  • New business
  • Old business
    • Insurance, theft exclusion


Discussion on previous minutes

  • N/A

Consent Agenda

  • Previous meeting minutes approved

Committee Reports

Reports from Committees

  • Bylaws committee
    • Waiting on feedback from lawyers
  • Buildout committee
    • Budget approval has expired
    • Vote to dissolve committee passes unanimously


Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $88,268.22
  • Chase Savings: $35,671.54
  • PEX: $14,461.22
  • PayPal: $17,233.00

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers: 303
  • 'Full Members: 129
  • Total Members: 432
  • Quorum: 43

Review the PayPal and banking transactions

  • Reimbursed Ken for overpaying membership fees
  • Reimbursements

Member Leaving Reason Reports

  • Not enough time, would like to have a single day membership
  • Coming back soon
  • Will be back after semester


  • [| Request for reimbursement by Shellie] Justin will write her a check
  • #5825 Ray Doeksen to reimburse money@ for $138.03
    • Ray will justify his expenses or present his receipts tonight.
  • #5856 Burton requesting points for Ken (and spending authority/PEX, and an assistant)
    • Requests we a) recognize Ken's work with member points, b) Pex card, c) volunteer work
    • If we were to give him a pex card, it would have to be under another area host, or we'd need a vote to devote some budget to his card
    • The kind of electrical work that he's been doing was under buildout, in general it would likely go under general area budget
    • Let's gather the information about what kind of budget he might need, aim to have a board vote to create the position
    • Jennie will reach out to Ken and respond to Burton
  • #5859 Trygve requesting point(s).
    • Trygve granted two points by unanimous votes
  • #5874 Andrew requesting discussion on security cameras.
    • What's the status of the security cameras?
    • We don't have a current policy about cameras in general
    • Our current insurance policy does not cover against theft (though the board is working on that)
    • Andrew will install

New Business

  • Disposed of printer issue.
    • Should this be referred to the formal process (board plus one)
    • Should we issue a statement addressing this?
    • In process of moving CNC area, people thought the printer was broken and so put it out in the alley
    • Area host (Andrew) frustration is that people did not come forward to say that they had moved the printer
    • Andrew is still investigating, but his sense is that while motivations are unclear, the printer was not tossed maliciously.
    • Regardless, the situation is frustrating.
    • Printer also did not have an equipment label, though this doesn't excuse the action
    • Board will let Andrew finish investigating
  • Update hosted areas. Proposed map
    • Current map as of September 2016: [[2]]
      • Change would remove the tool cage area
      • Proposed map doesn't include moved location of small metals, but does include the new woodshop location
      • Let's vote at the next meeting on a map with the new small metals location included
  • Membership Audit followup
  • Discussion of end of term feedback / retrospective
    • Simon will send out survey info
  • CNC volunteer authorizer

Old Business

  • Insurance, theft exclusion
    • Justin will follow up