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"I can't log in to Pumping Station: One" is a common compliant, but it's not specific enough to provide help for that complaint. We're going to need you to get more specific.

There are quite a few things that a member can log into, and they don't all use the same credentials.

Logins at PS1

Active Directory

  • Used for logging into computers, wiki
  • Is separate and different from the username, login and password used for Wild Apricot (see entry for Wild Apricot)
  • Has an associated username
  • You can reset your password yourself at https://selfservice.pumpingstationone.org/
  • Does not control or handle credit card payments in any way.

Wild Apricot

  • The new member management system, being phased in in 2018-2019
  • Accessible at http://membership.pumpingstationone.org or from the Join page on the main PS1 web site.
  • When new members join, they fill out their own member profile.
  • An admin person must review the member profile and mark it as accepted, during the ID check process for new members, or at any time for legacy (existing) members.
  • Has an associated username, but separate and distinct from the ps1auth username.
  • Handles any credit card or debit card payments.
  • Allows the member to stop recurring payments, update their payment method or change their membership level at any time, on their own, self-service.
  • Handles RFID fob access to the front and back doors.
  • Members still paying with PayPal can be switched to Wild Apricot, as time allows.


  • The PS1 information resource located at http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org
  • Does not require a login to read
  • Uses the username and password from Active Directory
  • Requires a login only to edit and save changes

Computers in and around the PS1 space

  • Driven by Active Directory, authorizations synced from Wild Apricot
  • Some computers are restricted to the members authorized to the equipment that the computer is associated with. For example, you can't login at the Boss laser's computer unless you are authorized to use the Boss laser.
  • A good test of your Active Directory username and password is to try to login at a computer in the space, which is not connected to any CNC equipment. Examples are either computer upstairs in the Arts & Crafts area, or either of the two CAD workstations in the CNC room that are not connected to laser cutters.


The wifi password is stencilled on the walls and ceiling throughout the space. Look up, look around.

Blog or Web Site

  • Access limited to authorized users.
  • Contact the PR Director or another Board member for access privileges.
  • Not driven by either ps1auth or Wild Apricot.
  • Some web site content is driven by Wild Apricot through WordPress, but not every Wild Apricot user has web site editing access.

PS1 Calendar

  • Driven by Google Calendars
  • Access limited to authorized users.
  • Not driven by either ps1auth or Wild Apricot.
  • Contact the PR Director or another Board member for access privileges.

Google Groups

  • Not driven by ps1auth or Wild Apricot
  • Access is given by following the instructions on the wiki for Google Groups.
  • You do not need to send an email to anyone, or start a Freshdesk trouble ticket, to get access to the private PS1 Google Groups. You need to be a member in good standing and, from the Google Groups interface, request access to the group.
  • Instructions here: https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Google_Groups