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Active Directory is the authentication service from Microsoft that controls access to various systems and services PS:One offers to its members.

"New" Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) runs on the domain, using a split-brain DNS setup onsite.

It currently is served by and hosted on HV1

It is filled by:

  • Wild Apricot - The membership payment/management system
  • WA2AD - A C# connector written by Ron Olson - user:tachoknight

It currently controls access to:

  • Canvas - The Learning Management System (LMS) for authorizations and classes
  • Discourse - Mailing List and Forum service
  • RFID - Codes to get into the building

"Old" Active Directory

The old AD system is currently running on Samba as, hosted on

It is filled by:


It currently controls access to:

  • Computers - For general usage and tied to various machines that require authorization

Transition from "Old" to "New"

Sometime in 2019, access to computers will shift from the old to the new active directory.

== Future (2019 change) Active Directory