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How/When/May I get a Tour?

We have General meetings that are open to the public every Tuesday at 8:00pm. After the meeting we arrange for tour groups while the membership processes member only things like voting.

Hi! I found you online, how can I learn more about your organization?

The best way is to come to one of our Orientation on the fourth Sunday of each month at 4pm. This is a great way to get a good feeling for what we have to offer, our culture, and how you can quickly get involved. The orientation is typically led by several experienced members and at least one former organization president.

Do I have to RSVP or join as a member to attend Orientation?

You definitely don't have to join first. Orientation is always open to the public. Anyone can show up and participate. If you RSVP through the page, you'll be able to be notified if the event is rescheduled or cancelled.

I love Pumping Station: One! How do I join?

Sign up for a membership through paypal, then go through the quick list in the member manual.

You have a <awesome tool>? That's awesome! How can I use it?

Our more dangerous, fragile, or expensive tools generally require certification to use, and certification requires that you become a member. The certification process differs from tool to tool, there may be more information about it on a particular tool's wiki page.

For some common certification schemes, there is a "How do I get certified" wiki page as well.

Due to the fact that certification is always done by volunteers, who have limited time, you usually cannot get certified in an 'ASAP' manner. We are more of a community than a techshop or toolshop, so if you just want to get in, get on a machine, and get out, this is not the right place for you.

I have some equipment I would like to donate.

Post on the list (Google Groups) what the equipment is, and have an area host or member acknowledge that they want the equipment before bringing it in. Do not leave things at the space without making appropriate arrangements first.

So I showed up and possibly joined, but I can't figure out how this place works. What's the deal?

If you started a PayPal payment, you will still need to have your ID checked by 2 board members. The easiest way to find them is to show up for a Tuesday night member meeting. If you think you "possibly" are a member, did you get an email with your door access code? If you did not, then you haven't completed the process yet. You should attend an orientation, as soon as you can after joining, within the first three months of joining. For a little self-reading - Pumping Station: One is a Do-ocracy. Read that link, it's important. I'll wait. Back? Basically, as long as you Just Fucking Do It and Be excellent to each other you'll be ok. Also, look at our new member information packet.

Can my nerdy meetup meet at Pumping Station: One?

For your meetup to meet at our space, you need a member to host and sponsor the meetup (i.e. attend the whole time you're there and be responsible for you) and if it's going to take a lot of space or a long time or otherwise inhibit the normal use of the space, talk about it on the public mailing list to generate some more member interest and talk to the board of directors to get it on the calendar. Your meetup also should probably have something to do with making/hacking things.

Can children come to the space?

People under the age of 18 can come to the space, provided they are accompanied by their legal guardian at all times. We don't currently allow children to join as members.

Do you offer coworking space?

While we would like to, due to space constraints we are unable to provide dedicated desks for coworking. However, full members (not starving hacker members) are provided lockers to store their projects in and we have some limited space for long term projects.

May I get on the roof to see the Tardis?

No. It's not that we are being jerks. In fact we love to show off our projects. The problem is that there is no roof access without using a ladder and we want to minimize the liability of people on the roof.