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(Pumping Station: One - A Hacker Space in Chicago)
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==[http://pumpingstationone.org Pumping Station: One] - A Hacker Space in Chicago==
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== What's Going On? ==
== What's Going On? ==

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Pumping Station: One - A Hacker Space in Chicago

What's Going On?

Upcoming Votes

Upcoming Events

List of upcoming events, some of which might need your help.

Recent Events

All Events...

New Hackerspace Hunt/Planning

Gathering Materials

  • See what kind of stuff we are looking for in the wishlist.
  • See what kind of stuff people are planning or willing to donate in the havelist.
  • See what kind of stuff already in the location on the inventory page.


Space Cleaning/Organizing


  • Don't leave your projects on the table when you leave, put them away on the side.
    • Things not labeled/sitting out for a long time, fair game.
  • Put tools away. At the moment, there's a table on the side where hammers and Danger Glasses are hung.
  • Please label projects so we don't think it's spare parts.


Members, please help make our info complete. Go through these links, and see if you have something to add. Particularly the Skills Exchange.

Skills Exchange
List of members, what skills they can offer, and which they hope to attain.
User List
List of Members, by their wiki account. You can click on their user name to see their profile, if they filled one out.
Independent Projects in Progress:
Project Incubator
We come up with a bunch of random ideas. Let's try to write them down so we'll be more likely to remember them.
Interest Groups


These are groups that decided to put themselves in charge of something that needed to get done in our group. Check out these pages to see what they're about, or who to contact if you have a question about that area.

Resources and Records


How to do things, where to get things, what's in the area, and other general reference stuff you feel like sharing.

Where to get stuff. From Depots to Dumpsters.
Wiki Editing
Several pages that explain how to edit Wiki pages.
A list of what has been made available, and what should soon be made available to members. Everything from the kitchen to soldering tables.
Details about PS:Ones' Media Server
Details about PS:Ones' Web Server

more resources...


A history of our votes.
Minutes from our meetings.
A list of the current officers.
Contact Points
Officers, Committee Leaders, anybody that's useful to know.