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Shopbot PRS CNC router
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number TBD.
Make/Model Shopbot PRS #10108 96-48
Arrival Date 2014
Usability yes
Contact CNC Area Host
Where TBD
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $16000
Host Area CNC

Shopbot PRS CNC router Area: CNC

Shopbot PRS #10108 96-48 Nominal Cutting Area 96"x 48"x 6" (2.44m x 1.22m x .15m) Total Movement Area 102" x 50" x 8" (2.59m x 1.27m x .20m)

Authorization for this tool by authorized proctors only

Authorized Proctors

Elizabeth Koprucki Danger Committee
Bart Dring Danger Committee
Ryan Pierce Danger Committee
Nathan Ellis Danger Committee
Michael Skilton Danger Committee
Khoi Nguyen Michael Skilton
Andrew Camardella Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Meshulam Andrew Camardella

How to Become an Authorized Proctor

Get an ok from the area host. Successfully run an authorization supervised by an authorized proctor. It's recommended that initial authorizations be limited to 2 or less.




File:Programming handbook.pdf

File:PRS Maintenance Schedule.pdf

File:SBG00142 User Guide 2013 05 01.pdf - User Guide

File:B17P.763 Schematic.pdf - Omer Nail Gun Documentation



Part 1 of our Shopbot Authorization - This is available as a refresher only. You still need to go to the class when it happens to get access to the hands-on Part 2.

Router Bit Basics for CNC - VERY USEFUL

Shopbot Threads on Member List

Shopbot Forum

Overview of Cut Load calcualtions for setting bit feed and speed rates

Software Tool Chain

  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • Vectric Aspire
    • Allows for 2D and 3D linework and toolpath creation
    • Only available on the Shapeoko Computer
  • Vectric V-Carve Makerspace Edition
    • Allows for 2D linework and toolpath creation
    • Allows at home use of V-Carve - output only at PS1
    • Our Makerspace Code is: E4793-F6472-BB9E5-9B114-3FEEB-73649-16F4F

Chip Load Calculation

User Tips & Troubleshooting Reports

Add your experiences with feeds and speeds or other tips here.

Add troubleshooting reports here


Authorization Checklist

This is here as a checklist for proctors to follow when authorizing people. It can also help remind you of things after you are authorized. Just reading this does not authorizing you.

  • How to get authorized
    • Watch the meetup group for a recurring class on the second Thursday and last Sunday of the month. Sometimes check the forum for announcements or ask on the forum if no announcements have been made for a few weeks.
  • Authorization group size
    • There is no cap to the software instruction preceding the machine usage portion of the class. If you come to this portion it is easier to get fully authorized at a later date.
    • 3 machine users - each person will run a job (~1/2 hr each) and everyone will assist each other in completing a job profile and pocket cut. You must be present for the entire authorization
  • Safety
    • Safety Glasses
    • Hearing Protection
    • Dust Protection
  • What can go wrong (and what to do)
  • How does machine work
    • Axes
    • Motors
    • Spindle
  • Daily Maintenance
    • Spindle bearing warm up.
      • The "C5" warm up routine should be run on the first job of the day. It runs the spindle at 3 speeds for 3 minutes each to warm up the bearings. (When it doubt, warm it up)
  • Extended Maintenance
    • See maintenance schedule file under documentation.
    • Grease the racks
    • Use Grease type: Manual states any type is safe there is some in the draw
  • Machine Control
    • Turn on sequence
      • Log into computer
      • Turn on Shopbot big red and yellow twist switch (see zeroing below)
      • Insert Key and turn to "engaged" position.
      • The VDF should light up, the spindle fan should be on.
      • Start "Shopbot 3" program.
      • Open Tools...Spindle RPM Control menu (to allow RPM control)
        • Make sure collet is tightened or no tool or nut is installed
        • Run the C5 warm up routine
    • Jogging
      • Keypad
      • Arrow Keys + Page Up, Page Down (ctrl for fast jog)
  • CAM Software
    • Vectric V Carve
    • Just the basics...separate class for advanced V Carve.
    • Online videos
  • Running your Job
    • Zeroing X & Y
      • With machine off slow push gantry towards X0 until it hits hard stops (optional)
      • Turn on big red switch while still holding gantry.
      • Jog machine away from X0 Y0 so machine will find switches
      • Click X, Y zero button.
    • Zeroing Z (top of work piece)
      • Jog over your work piece
      • Place Z zero plate on work piece under the bit
      • Place clip on bit
      • Test connection by touching plate to bit and watch for light #1 to light
      • Click the Z 0 button (it will touch off twice!!!)
      • If Z is critical, you may want to verify that your bit has been zeroed properly by using a "MZ,0" command over the surface you have zeroed the bit to. Repeat zeroing if not correct.
  • Waste Board and clamping
  • Collets, Bits, Feeds and Speeds
    • Feeds and Speeds
      • Use a Cut Load Calculator to determine which feeds and speeds you should be using for your specific bits. An overview is avaialble at: [1]
    • Collets
      • We currently have collets for 1/2, 1/4, 3/16 and 1/8" shank bits.
      • Try to keep them clean and store them away from dust between uses. Dust between the gaps will produce runout. The drawer mounted under the Shopbot is the right place to store these items.
      • If the collet nuts are not threading smoothly try cleaning the threads with a small brush, spindle threads as well.
    • Bits
      • Use bits designed for the material you are cutting. Don't just steal a bits from the Bridgeport. They won't do a good job and will probably overheat.
      • For cutting out things, use the smallest appropriate bit. Using a 1/2" bit to cutout will just create a lot of mess.
  • ShopBot should not be used for...
    • Metals other than aluminum
    • Cutting anything that requires coolant or lubricant (it will ruin the waste board)
    • Ripping lumber (use the table saw)
    • Thickness Planning (Use the planner if you can)
    • Drilling holes with drill bits (a small end mill works better)
  • How to leave the machine (be excellent)
    • Machine
      • Home the machine to X0, Y0
      • Turn off both switches
      • Remove Key
      • Remove bit and collet.
      • Place both collet wrenches on top of electronics box
      • clean up work area
      • Smooth out waste board if you puckered it at all.
      • Check if the dust collector needs to be emptied
    • Post a picture on our Blog please!

Pre-Flight Checklist

  • Did you home the machine?
  • Is the dust collect gate open?
  • Are you sure you have the right X, Y orientation for your file and material?
  • Did you set the proper X,Y zero for your work piece on the Shopbot.
  • Is the correct bit installed and tight?
  • Is the key in and turned on?
  • Is the dust skirt set right so it does not get smashed.
  • Is Z zero set to the work top?
  • Is the touch plate and clip returned.
  • Is the material properly secured
  • Safety glasses, hearing protection on.
  • Start the job with the E-Stop ready to hit.
  • Turn on dust collector ( I like to wait so I can hear that things sound right on the shopbot before turning on the collector)

Authorized Users

Authorized Member Trained By
Elizabeth Koprucki Danger Committee
Bart Dring Danger Committee
Ryan Pierce Danger Committee
Nathan Ellis Danger Committee
Michael Skilton Danger Committee
Arturo Duarte Bart
Derek Bever Bart
Everett Bart
Vincent Colombo Bart
Justin T. Conroy Bart
Hugh Sato Bart
Sergey Nekrasov Bart
Valerie Moore Bart
Patrick Schless Bart
Tom Forajter Bart
Todd Allen Michael Skilton
Roger Moore Bart
Tim Saylor Bart
Hef Bart
Jeff McBride Bart
Maxwell ? Michael Skilton
Samuel Swope Michael Skilton
Khoi Nguyen Michael Skilton
Brian Chojnowski Michael Skilton
Josh Cooper Bart
Andrew Camardella Bart
Adam Glick Bart
Yehuda Braun Bart
Jeff Kantarek Michael Sklton
Justin Miles Michael Skilton
Will Garza Michael Skilton
Clarence Risher Michael Skilton
Eric Beauchamp Michael Skilton
Jason Michael Skilton
Eric Stein Bart
Colin Parsons Bart
David Ditzler Bart
Ray Doeksen Bart Dring
Ron Bean Khoi Nguyen & Michael Skilton
Thomas Wright Khoi Nguyen & Michael Skilton
David Morton Bart Dring
Ron Olson Bart Dring
Kyle Bieneman Bart Dring
Tom Judge Michael Skilton
Bryan Gleason Michael Skilton
Dave Schact Ryan Pierce
Chris Agocs Andrew Camardella
Doorman Dave Andrew Camardella
Alec Weege Andrew Camardella
Sam Reicks Andrew Camardella
Touly Phiachantharath Andrew Camardella
Lucas Goossen Andrew Camardella
Tina C Andrew Camardella
Ryan Neuman Andrew Camardella
Dan Loeser Andrew Camardella
Ben Bogler Andrew Camardella
Erin Banwell Ryan Pierce
Brad Rios Ryan Pierce
Aaron Carlock Andrew Camardella
James Villalpando Andrew Camardella
Connor Jansen Andrew Camardella
Tait Leswing Bart
Raj Perera Khoi Nguyen
Keith Hultman Andrew Camardella
David Srebro Andrew Camardella
Erik Wessing Andrew Camardella
Leeswann Bolden Andrew Camardella
Josh Myers Andrew Camardella
Kurt Ziegel Andrew Camardella
Glenn Powers Andrew Camardella
Mahmoud Al-Qudsi Andrew Camardella
Casey Olson Khoi
Mike Jones Andrew Camardella
Aaron Feigen Andrew Camardella
Jim Baker Andrew Camardella
Eric Reusche Khoi Nguyen
Ralph Brendler Andrew Camardella
John McDonald Andrew Camardella
Alex Al-Hamdan Andrew Camardella
Eugene Liokumovich Andrew Camardella
Randal Cox Andrew Camardella
Simon Pyle Andrew Camardella
Jean Michel Crettaz Andrew Camardella
Brian Zable Andrew Camardella
Daylan Dufelmeier Andrew Camardella
Steve Kruse Matt Meshulam
Mike Mandrea Andrew Camardella
Jeff Zelnio Andrew Camardella
Aaron Stoddart Matt Meshulam
Koun Park Matt Meshulam
Dan Baltudis Matt Meshulam
Curtiss Cooke Matt Meshulam
Jeannine Chuchan Matt Meshulam
Brennan Koziarz Matt Meshulam
Brandon Love Matt Meshulam
Mike Vitale Matt Meshulam
Emma Purola Matt Meshulam
Chris Kohl Matt Meshulam
Daniel Sojka Matt Meshulam
Naguib Azab Matt Meshulam
Mark Zumwalt Matt Meshulam
Joseph Juhnke Andrew Camardella
Alex Berkowitz Andrew Camardella
Andy Muhic Matt Meshulam
Adam Stein Matt Meshulam
John Farmer Matt Meshulam
Joshua Havenga Matt Meshulam
McTavish McArdle Matt Meshulam
Frank Bowles Matt Meshulam
Derwin Umali Andrew Camardella
Doug Mahoney Matt Meshulam
Rob Robinson Matt Meshulam
Dan Sloboda Matt Meshulam
Jacob Collins Matt Meshulam
Donald Wells Matt Meshulam
Jim Brink Matt Meshulam
Matt Keith Matt Meshulam
Victoria Morris Matt Meshulam
Bob Loos Matt Meshulam
Peter Muth Matt Meshulam
Guillaume Emont Matt Meshulam
Erik Funkhouser Matt Meshulam
Max Rashes Matt Meshulam
Juan Ramos Matt Meshulam
Joe Dowling Matt Meshulam
Ashley Matrisciano Matt Meshulam
Ryan Kapp Matt Meshulam
Danny Blanchard Matt Meshulam
Aaron Mintz Matt Meshulam
Ian Stubbs Matt Meshulam
Skylar Nova Matt Meshulam
Chris Ruhland Matt Meshulam
Jay Pee Matt Meshulam
Ryan Fiebing Matt Meshulam
Shawn Blaszak Matt Meshulam

If you have been authorized but cannot log in, request to be added to the "ShopBot Authorized" Samba group (send an email to info (at) with your username and the name of the person who certified you) so that your login works. If you don't have a log-in on you will have issues here - sign up on that site first if you haven't already.


Maintenance Log

Date Preformed by Service Type Notes
11/8/2014 Ryan Pierce Updated VCarve Post Processor Previously, installed new Post Processor to preset an Abort / Retry / Ignore dialog box when the spindle is started but doesn't spin up. Usual culprit is that a job is started when the the interlock is disabled, which results in the non-spinning bit crashing into the workpiece. Abort stops the job. Today, fixed Retry code. If you power on the VFD and the motor start is enabled, the VFD refuses to start. So I've re-programmed the Retry button to stop the VFD, wait 2 seconds, start the VFD, wait 2 more seconds, and check again to see if it is running. The Ignore button actually acts as Retry because we don't want someone clicking through this dialog box and damaging the machine. NOTE: The Aspire PC in the shop also has this Post Processor, but if you use Aspire, VCarve Pro, etc. on your personal computer, you will need the latest Post Processor to support this safety check.
11/8/2014 Ryan Pierce Updated ShopBot software Did upgrade from 3.8.14 to 3.8.26. Installed latest firmware on ShopBot controller. (This was mandatory.) Two features of interest: Fixed occasional erractic behavior after repeated Stops and Resumes (and Nudges or Command Insertions). Reduced liklihood of Keypad lockup.
5/31/2015 Ron Olson Created new VCarve Post Processors For drag/engraving bits, it's important that the spindle be turned off so as to not destroy the bit. Instead of manually modifying the sbp every time to remove the check that the spindle is turned on, I created a couple of new post processors (inches and mm, similar to Ryan's), that explicitly turn off the spindle. The user is given two opportunities to cancel the job if that is not what he/she wants.

Outstanding Maintenance Issues

Lack of True E-Stop

As shipped, the ShopBot PRS does not support an Emergency Stop. This could be hacked, but it runs the risk of damaging the machine if engaged in a non-emergency situation. Suggested solution: Installing a 10A double pole 24V coil DIN mount relay, and powering the coil via the 24V supply through a normally closed E-Stop button. One pole will disconnect the 63V stepper motor current. One pole will break the control signal that enables the VFD and will cause the VFD to brake to a stop.

Automatic Dust Collection

The ShopBot has +5V TTL outputs that could be used to trigger automatic dust collection (when the spindle goes live) and/or a warning light (when the gantry is enabled to move.)

Limit Switch Issues

Every time you start the ShopBot, it resets itself so that the limit switches are disabled! You can turn them on (if memory serves) with the Values -> Input Switch Assignment menu item. Limit switches are really useful - but they need to be enabled. When they are, they will stop manual jogging when the limit is hit (although pressing the key again will let you continue moving the gantry) and they will also stop a running job (but give you the option of ignoring the limits.)

I found a couple more problems when testing all the limits. When I took the gantry to X maximum, the dust collector hose pulled off! I put it back on, but I'm not sure how stable this is. Also, when I originally set the Y maximum and minimum, I wanted as much spindle travel as possible. But it appears that if you're at the Y max and move in the X direction, you can hit the middle support with the dust collector boot. We've got several inches Y travel beyond the nominal 48", so we may want to look into reducing this to clear the supports.


File:ShopBot PSOne Post - Post Processors for Vectric Aspire and VCarve Pro 8.0 which include the change to check that the spindle actually started.

File:ShopBot TC - Post Processors for Vectric Aspire and VCarve Pro which include changes to explicitly *disable* spinning