Board Meeting Notes 2011-07-26

From Pumping Station One

Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:00


  • Financial/membership report member count is Members Starving Full.

Old Business

  • Element 14 video status: Dan Meyer/Nathan/Jordan
  • Power upgrade progress. Todd did measurements.
  • RTFM on the projector.
  • LaZOR!!! Class scheduled for Wednesday @7pm. +1 Insurance
  • AT&T bill arrived. Payback Rhys. Methodology? (Ish? Board budget or does that sort of expense just get expensed?)

New Business

  • landlord mtg
  • New CTO?
  • For next meeting people using the tools of the space under supervision of someone who is certified. for non members and minors.

Meeting adjourned at 7:44

  • $593.30 left in the board budget