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The current areas have broken authorization paths.

Things that can get a tool listed as having a broken certification path:

  • Not regularly scheduled Certifications
  • Waiting for a mailing list post
  • requiring a specific member, or overly small group of members to use a machine.
  • Requiring knowledge of PS:One's internal strucure
  • Requiring knowldege of specific member's of PS:One, or requiring contacting members that do not have publicly available contact information.
  • Certification paths that have frequent complaints of not being able to get certified.

On The Bridgeport Mill

There are currently no regularly scheduled authorizations happening the on manual Bridgeport, but Cold Metals Volunteer Authorizers can field a request.

I've seen folks doing authorizations with some frequency. They aren't scheduled, but it doesn't seem inaccessible.--Dbever (talk) 08:29, 22 June 2015 (CDT)

This currently requires Tier 1 Authorization.

On Metal Shop Basic Tools (Tier 1)

The following tools fall under Tier 1 Authorization:

Who's Tier 1 Certified, who can certify me?

Tier 1 Authorization does not have a regular schedule, and substantial amounts of time pass between schedules.

Hot Metals