French Press Coffee Maker

From Pumping Station One

French Press Coffee Maker Ray Doeksen Area: Kitchen

French Press Coffee Maker
Ikea french press.JPG
Owner/Loaner Ray Doeksen
Serial Number 2016
Arrival Date 9/1/2016
Usability yes
Contact Ray Doeksen
Where Kitchen
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $9.99
Host Area Kitchen

Special Instructions

Do not clean, do not wash. If actually moldy, notify owner. Generally this item will get frequent use, so that washing by unauthorized members is not required.

  • Not compatible with dish-washing machines; they will break the glass.
  • Not compatible with unauthorized hand washing; they will break the glass.

Authorized users may hand wash with care, hand-dry and stow it in the cabinet above the refrigerator, on on member storage shelf #35.

Preferred coffee

While any coffee may be used, Cafe Bustello is the preferred brand.