French Press Coffee Maker

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French Press Coffee Maker
Ikea french press.JPG
Owner/Loaner Ray Doeksen
Serial Number 2016
Arrival Date 9/1/2016
Usability yes
Contact Ray Doeksen
Where Kitchen
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $9.99
Host Area Kitchen

French Press Coffee Maker Ray Doeksen Area: Kitchen

Special Instructions

Do not clean, do not wash. If actually moldy, notify owner. Generally this item will get frequent use, so that washing by unauthorized members is not required.

  • Not compatible with dish-washing machines; they will break the glass.
  • Not compatible with unauthorized hand washing; they will break the glass.

Authorized users may hand wash with care, hand-dry and stow it in the cabinet above the refrigerator, on on member storage shelf #35.

Preferred coffee

While any coffee may be used, Cafe Bustello is the preferred brand.