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Johnson Bandsaw
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number J14445
Make/Model Johnson Model J (JD)
Arrival Date 1/13/14
Usability yes
Contact Dean Anderson
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value 700
Host Area Cold Metals

Johnson Bandsaw Area: Cold Metals


  • A VFD has been fitted, this allows the machine to run on a 110v circuit and provides a variable speed control. The display shows the RPM of the drive wheel (16") * 4 which is approximately blade speed in FPM. The power switch on the left side of the control box applies power to the VFD. The on/off button on the front panel and the limit switch control the blade, the button must be out for on and the limit switch up to run. The button switch serves as an emergency switch, pull for on push for off. The dial controls RPM.
     - Jim Brink 12/10/16 
  • The large groove (fastest speed) of the motor shaft step pulley is bent. The motor vibrates excessively when the belt is in this groove. Use the other grooves (slower speeds) until the pulley is replaced.

This tool requires authorization for use.

Johnson products are now supported by Dake. Replacement parts for this saw are generally available.


Capacity 10" rounds, 18" flats
Blade Size 137" x 3/4"
Blade Speed FPM = RPM of drive wheel* 4.18
Power 120V via VFD, motor is 3/4HP,240V, 3 phase
Weight 683 pounds
Mfg. Date 1964


General rule of thumb is that if the thinnest part (in the direction of the blade) that you're cutting isn't at least 3 saw teeth thick, it will damage the blade.


Grease pivot bar

Add coolant pan and pump.

Add blade brush.

Post a chart of recommended blade speeds for various materials.


maintenance page

Major Components

Auth/Use Notes

These notes are for authorized users and authorizers; you must be authorized on the tool by a person, not this list. Don't expect this list to be complete or authoritative.

  • Horizontal band saws cut via a vertically descending blades.
  • The cutting tooth speed is set by a pulley in the rear and VFD.
    • Lift up on the motor to get some slack on the belt.
    • Don't cross wheels; keep the pulley belt straight.
    • Go toward larger motor wheels for soft metals and plastic and smaller motor wheels for tough metals like steel (and tool steel.)
  • The cutting tooth feed is set by a needle valve and a weight on top.
    • Be gentle with the needle valve; a single finger with light pressure is enough to adjust it.
  • Power
    • as of 12/16 a Fluxmaster 50 VFD has been added, for more information on the Fluxmaster see the link in resources. The machine is now powered by 120v. Any 120 volt outlet can be used.
    • Power to the VFD is controlled by the toggle switch on the left of the control box.
    • The button switch on the front and and the trip lever control the motor. The button must be pulled out and the trip lever up. Both must be 'on' to power the motor.
    • RPM is controlled by the dial and the belt position.
    • The large display shows approximate blade speed in feet per minute. The smaller display on the VFD shows the output frequency of the VFD and is not needed for operation.
    • Turn off switches and unplug the machine when you're done to prevent accidental activation.
    • Never walk away from the machine while it's running. We are not a production shop; babysit the machine in case it fails and avoid putting curious people in danger.
  • Clamping a workpiece
    • Short pieces cock the vice jaws. This ruins the grip on the workpiece and is to be avoided. Componensate by using a block approximately the size of your workpiece or a machinist jack on the far side of the vise jaws.
    • Check the width of your workpiece against the teeth.
      • The thinnest section of the workpiece should be wider than three teeth in a row.
      • The thickest section of the workpiece should be narrow than twenty-four teeth.
    • If you're cutting angle stock, rotate it so that it forms a < shape to prevent it from rotating.
    • If you're cutting round, use angle blocks (in the tooling cabinet) to keep it from rotating.
    • Check that the movable blade guide is as close as possible while clearing the vice and the table.
  • Safety
    • Unplug the machine before adjusting the pulley or changing the blade.
    • Never leave the machine while running. We aren't a production shop; you need to be right by the machine in case something goes wrong or if a curious person walks by.
  • Clean up when you're done. Don't leave stock in the machine; don't leave chips and coolant behind. Use a small bucket to catch chips before they hit the ground.


Manual for the latest version of the Model J (very similar).

Good link for restoration, including coolant pan dimensions and bearing sizes.

Manual for Fluxmaster 50.

Rebuilding video series

List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Dean Anderson
Todd Allen Ed Bennet
David Morton Anna Yu
George Shaw Thomas Wright
bandit Gangwere Ed Bennet
Michael Skilton Tucker
Eric Stein Tucker
Kyle Bieneman Todd Allen
Scott Little Todd Allen
RJ Metzger Todd Allen
Giovanni Arroyo Todd Allen
Mark C. Todd Allen
Joao Santos Todd Allen
Nicholas Haldereman Todd Allen
Doorman Dave Todd Allen
Stephen Ioannou Todd Allen
Lucas Goossen Todd Allen
Roger Moore Todd Allen
Matt Wilkens Todd Allen
Rhonda Jackson Todd Allen
Matt Meshulam Todd Allen
Kevin Pulver Todd Allen
Andrew Camardella Todd Allen
Mike Coriale Todd Allen
John Farmer Todd Allen
Jay Pee Todd Allen
Sam Paris Todd Allen
Jake Rush Todd Allen
Carolyn Ignacio Todd Allen
Andrew Sowa Todd Allen
Hilary Lee Todd Allen
Eric Slehofer Todd Allen
Sam Reicks Todd Allen
Tyler Matthew Todd Allen
Ben Bogler Todd Allen
Brittany Krawczyk Todd Allen
Cary Lahucik Todd Allen
Eric Yu Todd Allen
Davis Mazariegos Todd Allen
Dan Baltudis Todd Allen
Ryan Taylor Everett Wilson
Andy Richardson Everett Wilson
David Srebro Todd Allen
Shae Kurko Todd Allen
Simon Cygielski Todd Allen
Jeff Lawson Ron Olson
James Villalpando Ron Olson 5/19/15
Greg "Nerobro" Teiber Everett Wilson
Pericles Tsellos Todd Allen 14JUN2015
Hunter Koerner Todd Allen 6/14/15
Eric Reusche Todd Allen
Raj Perera Todd Allen 6/14/15
Erik Wessing Todd Allen
Ryan Neuman Ron Olson
Kevin Sampson Todd Allen 7/22/15
Jim Baker Todd Allen
Tom Boeman Todd Allen 8/30/15
Jonathan Levine Todd Allen 9/23/15
Alejandro Drexler Todd Allen 9/23/15
Sheila Miguez Everett Wilson 10/14/2015
Niko Hawley Todd Allen
Will Alt Todd Allen 10/28/15
Peter Letscher Todd Allen 10/28/15
Aaron Carlock Todd Allen 11/18/15
Jennie P Todd Allen 11/18/15
Kurt Ziegel Todd Allen 11/18/15
Mike Forkan Ron Olson 11/18/15
Marcin Ignasiak Ron Olson
Greg Kudlacz Todd Allen
Daniel Maziarz Todd Allen
Jean Michel Crettaz Todd Allen 12/14/15
Dafe Hughes Todd Allen 12/16/15
Lauren Svedman Michael Patton 1/06/16
Bruce McConachie Michael Patton 1/10/16
Andrew Dalesandro Michael Patton 1/10/16
Tony Johnson Michael Patton 1/10/16
Brandon Love Michael Patton 1/27/16
Connor Sullivan Tom Judge 1/22/16
Adam Stafford Michael Patton 4/17/16
Ian Monroe Michael Patton 6/29/16
Joe Iklov Michael Patton 6/29/16
Jim Brink Michael Patton 6/29/16
Frank Bowles Michael Patton 6/29/16
Eugene Liokumovich Michael Patton
Sam Olendorf Michael Patton
Matthew Quigley Michael Patton
Brian Cuocci Michael Patton 10/5/16
Jon Komperda Dean Anderson 11/6/16
Abel Greenwald Michael Patton
Jon Komperda Dean Anderson 11/6/16
Jason Pittman Chris Ruhland 03/07/17
Bruce Mace Chris Ruhland 3/7/17
Bhairavi Warke Chris Ruhland 3/23/17
Brian Adamson Chris Ruhland 3/23/17
Bob Loos Chris Ruhland 3/23/17
Jeremy Shaw Chris Ruhland 4/09/17
Sam Chen Chris Ruhland
Molly Adamski Chris Ruhland 4/09/17
Carlos Garcia Chris Ruhland 5/17/17
Ben Stringer Chris Ruhland 5/17/17
Luis Colmenares Sam 6/12/17
Andrew Wingate Todd Allen 7/17/17
Joanna C. Sam O. 9/27/17
Sean Nixon Sam Ohlendorf 9/27/17
Mateusz Pec Sam Ohlendorf 9/27/17
Bobby Huggins Sam Olendorf 11/15/17
Ryan Himmelblau Sam Ohlendorf 11/15/17
Mac MacDevitt Sam Ohlendorf 12/20/17
Nathan Witt Sam Ohlendorf 11/29/17
Aaron Vander Bee Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Amanda Assaley Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Stephanie Pelzer Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Chris Eppig Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Alex Berkowitz Sam Olendorf
Scott Fullman Sam Olendorf 2/7/2018
Wrobel Sam Olendorf 02/07/2018
Michael Ice Sam Olendorf 2/08/18
Francisco Becerril Sam Olendorf 2/07/18
Bill Schroeder Sam Olendorf 4/18/2018
Maciej Warchalowski Sam Olendorf 6/13/2018
Kevin Wendt Abel Greenwald 7/6/2018
Jeff Benning Sam Olendorf 7/11/2018
Aaron Hale Sam Olendorf 8/8/2018
Ryan Treacy Sam Olendorf 9/19/2018
Earl Wood Sam Olendorf
Jacob Dawson Sam Olendorf 9/19/2018
Craig Cernek Dave Solomon 03/27/19
Matt Saunders McTavish McArdle 7/23/2019
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Mike Thompson McTavish McArdle 08/27/19
Malindima Sampa McTavish McArdle 1/7/2020
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