Beverly Shear

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Beverly Shear
Beverly shear.jpg
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Make/Model Beverly Shear Model B-2
Arrival Date January 2015
Usability yes
Contact Dean Anderson
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~500
Host Area Cold Metals

Beverly Shear Area: Cold Metals


The Beverly shear is for cutting sheet metal up to 10 gauge in mild steel and 14 gauge in stainless steel.

To Do

Adjust blade. Make a sign with allowable thicknesses.

Blade Adjustment

Beverly suggests starting with a clearance between the blades of 1/4 the thickness of the material and decrease this until you get a cut edge with no burr. Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance. Soft material-small clearance, harder material-large clearance, with a factor thrown in for material thickness.


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date Trained
Dean Anderson Machine Shop Host Cred
Justin T. Conroy Everett Wilson 2015/06/10
Doorman Dave Everett Wilson 2015/06/10
Greg "nerobro" Teiber Everett Wilson 2015/06/10
Peter Letscher Todd Allen 10/28/15
Aaron Carlock Todd Allen 11/18/15