Board Meeting Notes 2011-02-01

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Old Business

  1. Hold open nominations for PR Director next week.
  2. PS:1 on Element 14 homepage.
  3. Jettison Quarterly article.
  4. Thotcon April 19th
  5. Electric heaters
  6. Power wheels
  7. Make and Use an Arduino. Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 4:00 PM
  8. use
  9. MSI Lady and collaboration
 10. We will have a booth at THOTCON adnd most likely work the hardware hacking. Lockpicking, makerboting.
 11. PR director recruitment email blast. 

New Business

  1. Table Saw and Radial Arm Saw
  2. Security holes in the Pumping Station: One web site


  • Anne Petersen
  • Nathan Witt
  • Ishmael Rufus
  • Jim Burke
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Sam Rhys

Start Time


End Time



  • Sam Rhys informed the group that he is still waiting to hear back from Jacu about Thotcon.
  • Anne Petersen asked if we could review the Pumping Station: One welcome packet for new members.
  • Anne Petersen informed the group that Terry (who works in the office out front most days) is our contact for dealing with the Comcast internet access in the space.
    • Sam Rhys said he would contact Terry about acquiring static IP addresses.
  • Shawn Blaszak informed the group that the Pumping Station: One group now has 39 members.
  • Sam Rhys informed the group that the Pumping Station: One web site has some security holes in it which will require some down-time to fix.
  • Shawn Blaszak informed the group that Rabiah from the Museum of Science and Industry has expressed an interest in meeting the Pumping Station: One board of directors and attending a meeting/open house. However, due to blizzard conditions, it seems unlikely that she will be able to attend the 02-01-2011 membership meeting/open house as she had said she would.
  • Anne Petersen asked for a vote of the Pumping Station: One board of directors as to whether the 501c3 (Federal non-profit status) related finantial sponsorship contract with The School Factory was ready to be signed. Six (6) voted that the document was ready to sign. Zero (0) voted that it was not ready to sign.
  • Anne Petersen summarised known issues/potential issues with the proposed new space lease as presently written:
    • Wrong/outdated address listed as the contect.
    • No mention of the, previosly discussed, mandatory 4' walkway between the front door and the bak door.
    • We would like to see if it is possible to change the length of the lead to 1 year and 2 months so that we won't have to move to a new space during the winter.
    • The present proposed lease includes a clause that says that, while the landlord won't have the final room cleared before the start of the lease, he agrees to credit us $11 per day for any day after February 15, 2011 in which he hasn't cleared the room out.
  • Nathan Witt digitized a copy of the lease and e-mailed it to Rhys, who attened the meeting via. Skype, so that he can review the document.
  • Shawn Blaszak asked if a decision had been made about whether, or not, we were going to take the landlord (Steve) up on his offer to let us use his table saw and radial arm saw.
    • Nathan Witt informed the group that he had spoken with Steve and that Steve had made it clear that, if we accepted his offer, the tools would be available to us for our, exclusive, use and that his workers would not be coming into out workshop to use it while he left them in our posetion.
    • Shawn Blaszak suggested that we should ask Steve if he has the original safety guard for the table saw (which is, presently, removed from the tool) and, if not, that the space should look into purchasing a new one before the membership is allowed to use the tool.