Board Meeting Notes 2011-11-08

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:12pm


  • Financial/membership report full starving

Old Business

  • Element 14 video status: November Industrial Control
  • Freescale competition
  • Steve Update - meeting moved to next week
    • Shop leak
    • Office
  • Shop power half is up breaker is hooked up. Short needs to be fixed.
  • Dabble: Photoshop 102 Monday the 17th (the 17th is a Thursday)

New Business

  • 5 minute break for Jacob's ladder fire
  • Reimburse Sacha for 39.47 for 2 breakers
  • Consideration for moving to a new space.
  • No Anne!
  • Inventables Lamp Zach as offered $10 gift card to each member.
  • 300 seconds!
  • New welding stuff has arrived - Shawn
  • Area hosts reports - small budget would be helpful to replenish small consumables.

Meeting adjourned at 7:32pm

  • $455.64 left in the board budget