Board Meeting Notes 2011-11-15

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:04pm


  • Financial/membership report 55 full 39 starving 94 members

Old Business

  • Electrical and science components were garnered over the weekend.
  • Element 14 video status: November - Industrial Control December - security and identification
  • Freescale competition - If we come up with a cool project they will pay for its components
  • Steve Update - meeting moved to next week again.
    • Shop leak
    • Office
    • Room
    • Antenna
  • Shop power half is up breaker is hooked up. Short fixed? Not yet. Tim will find someone to fix it
  • Rub your meat is Thursday need more students for the event to take place.
  • Inventables $10 gift card to each member.

New Business

  • Group certifications. A large group of new people need to be certified on tools and equipment.
  • We need a list of responsibilities for area hosts. Potential annual budget for the areas.
  • Lane from Sentress
  • Shawn discusses moving the space. Suggestion is to shop for alternatives just in case a new lease falls through.
  • Steve has finalized Maker Faire for Evanston!
  • Jim proposes Food Network for Pot Luck

Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm

  • $455.64 left in the board budget