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General Area
Hosted Since:
Location: Main room
Area Host Contact Details
Name: General Operations Team
Email: genops {at}
Other Contact:
Office Hours:

The General Area covers any part of the space that is not already part of another area. This includes the lounge, bathrooms, work/project tables in the shop, walkways, catwalk, and in between areas. The General Area Host General Operationsis responsible for maintaining these areas. The General Area Host is also generally responsible for stocking ordinary supplies such as paper towels, soap, toilet paper, paper cups, replacing lights that go out, routine maintenance of the HVAC system, etc.


Project Tables:

Remember that the tables are for working on projects. Please be mindful of others needs when using them. Work areas are first-come, first-serve; and it's very easy to let projects sprawl and take up more space than you need. When table space is limited, try to keep personal belongings like coats and backpacks off the tables (Use the coat and bag storage when it becomes available). If you are not actively making something, consider giving more space to those who are. Worktable use is specifically covered in the TidySpace policy and your items WILL probably be moved if left idle; find somewhere else to store your stuff. Worktables marked with "WORKTABLE - NO STORAGE" or words to that effect in particular. Leave them clear for the next person to use.

Music, Conversation, Movies, and other potentially distracting activities:

Please be mindful of your fellow makers when playing music and videos at PS:one. Be willing to compromise when choosing media that everyone will be exposed to. If you are present during a scheduled event such as a presentation, workshop, or class, avoid holding off-topic conversations within earshot of the event. If you're working on a project that makes a lot of noise or causes some kind of sensory overload, consider relocating to a less populated part of the Space.


PS:Lounge is currently under renovation, but will be a place to hang out, watching movies, listen to music, have a snack, and not be a distraction to people in production areas of the Space.

Food and drink:

The Arts and Fabric stations should be kept free of food and drink at all times.

Be very careful about what you bring to the project tables. There are often computers and sensitive materials on these tables. Enjoy your food, but please remember to clean up after yourself.

Also, please help with upkeep by throwing away trash when you see it. If the food waste bin is full, please dispose of the trash in our dumpster located in the alley behind the Space. Everyone will love you for it.

Storage of personal items:

Keep materials you are not using on your personal shelf, or in a place that's out of others' way. Avoid leaving your stuff on the tables or floor unattended.

Label your stuff

Materials that are left out may be disposed of, hacked, labeled, put in Limbo, moved to another part of the space, etc. Pumping Station: One does not assume responsibility for things you bring to the Space. Please label your possessions if they will be left in common areas. Include your name and a way we can contact you on the label (or use one of the In Progress labels when available).

Abandoned Materials, Limbo:

A set of shelves in the Workshop are designated Limbo. It contains materials that were removed from the space during cleanup, but determined to have some value. It is periodically cleaned out, its contents disposed of. Please check Limbo when you suspect you have lost something at the Space.

PS:One's tools:

Please return tools you are borrowing to their home locations.


Avoid running extension cables across the floor whenever possible.

If something looks dangerous, fix it if you can, or let the rest of us know so we can do something about it.

Tools Available


Remote should be stuck to the velcro beside the screen when not in use.

Air Compressor Air lines run throughout the shop. The compressor is in the furnace room.

Dust Collector Dust collection is connected to tools in multiple areas (CNC and Woodshop).



View the general area's budget and expenditures here.