Oris Color Tuner Raster Image Processor (RIP)

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Oris Color Tuner Raster Image Processor (RIP)
Inner court of Palazzo Genovese in Salerno.jpg
Owner/Loaner NONE
Serial Number None
Make/Model Oris Color Tuner Raster Image Processor
Arrival Date Jan 2018
Usability no
Contact NONE
Where General Area
Authorization Needed no
Hackable yes
Estimated Value $0
Host Area General Area

Oris Color Tuner Raster Image Processor (RIP) NONE Area: General Area https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/wiki/Oris_Color_Tuner_Raster_Image_Processor_(RIP)


(JAN 28, 2018) This printer is currently owned by Ashish Jasani until PS:One budget passes and I get reimbursed. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH

(FEB 12, 2023) Worth of remaining machine determined to be less than $50 and machine was abandoned in electronics for hacking some time ago.


This is a plain, un-filled-out example of a PS:1 Equipment Label. It's intended as a temporary placeholder until someone completes a proper wiki page for a thing, and/or attaches a proper equipment label.

One of these labels (except filled out with appropriate information) should appear somewhere on EVERY piece of equipment and on any tool big enough to accommodate it (drill press, yes - screwdriver, no) whether it is owned by a member or the space. The label is the way we track what a thing is, and what happens to it, who owns it, how to get authorized on it and how to use it. It links the physical item to the PS:1 wiki and all external resources like the manufacturer's site and the operator's manual.

How To Make A Label

Instructions, such as they are (they are hard and could stand to be rewritten) for the label can be found here: https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Template:EquipmentPage

When to Make A Label

Labels are created when a tool or equipment wiki page which incorporates the Equipment Label template is made.

Labels don't have to be hand-generated and no graphic design has to be done. It's sort of arcane how the chunk of code gets in there, but that's all it takes: selecting the special chunk of code and pasting it right into the wiki page for that thing.

Help me here: why doesn't the 'nowiki' section of text show up properly (with page breaks, etc.) here? I'm not super familiar with wiki markup.

{{Template:EquipmentPage |owner = "PS:One" or link to user page of contact person |hostarea = PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE set this to one of the subcategories found in [[Category:Equipment]], this will ensure that the the equipment page will get listed in the subcategory for each PS:One Area |certification = "yes" OR "no" |hackable = "yes" OR "no" |model = MODEL NUMBER |serial = SERIAL NUMBER |arrived = DATE |where = LOCATION or "Removed" (if set to "Removed" a banner will be displayed on the page indicating the tool is no longer at the space) |doesitwork = "yes" or "no" (if set to 'no", a banner will be displayed on the page indicating the tool is broken and it will be automatically added to the "Broken Equipment" category) |contact = Link to user page of contact person |value = $999 |image = "IMAGENAME.JPG" (case sensitive, this is whatever you named the image when you uploaded it) }}

Configuring a Label Template

Entering in the information into the label template code is one of the barriers to use.

  • Set the 'owner' to either owner=PS:One or the name of the member that owns it.
  • Set 'hostarea' to the Hosted Area where the thing belongs. Examples: hostarea=CNC or hostarea=General or hostarea=Kitchen or hostarea=Cold Metals

There are 9 currently valid Hosted Area names. Could someone please add a complete list of valid entries? The name of the Hosted Area should be the same as the Category name so that the Hosted Area pages populate automatically.

  • Set 'hackable' to hackable=yes or hackable=no
  • Set 'certification' to certification=yes or certification=no [yes, I know, we're calling it authorization now, not certification, but that's a legacy change that will take forever to implement in this wiki]
  • Set the other fields to appropriate information, as accurately as you can determine.

Printing A Label

You can print out the label from the tool's wiki page, and attach it to the tool. If there is no label, incomplete labeling, or incorrect labeling, you can make changes or additions to the wiki to fix that.

Some people like to print the label on an actual label printer, but it works just fine to print out the first page of a tool's wiki page on any printer and cut the label out for use.