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Owner/Loaner Beer Church
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date since the dawn of time itself
Usability yes
Contact Eric Stein
Where Kitchen
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable YES
Estimated Value $100
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Chillmon Beer Church Area: {{{hostarea}}}

The current whereabouts of the chillmon is unknown. Missing (10/3/17).

Chillmon is our Raspberry Pi powered system for maintaining the proper temperature in the Beer Church fermentation chamber. It interfaces to IRC, like so:

   <+Toba> !temp
   < chillmon> temperatures: beertop: 67.9 F, beer: 68.5 F, room: 64.4 F   


There's a web interface running on Bellamy that shows the PID controller state history.

  • You can get a stream of JSON objects over ZeroMQ that might interest you from tcp:// if you know how to do that.
  • Chillmon's irc interface should be workin' right now.


AC Unit

Wiring: green ground, white common, red fan, thicker red AC chiller.


  • Mac: b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4
  • IP (maybe):
  • Username: pi

To find the IP if that IP isn't working, use:

   eastein@bowmore ~ :) $ sudo arp-scan -R --interface wlan0 --localnet | grep -i b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4
   [sudo] password for eastein:	b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4	(Unknown)

If you don't use linux, I'm sorry that you are trying to do useful things with your computer, but I can't help you.

The screen session containing the chillmon process starts up at reboot on the Pi using vixie cron's @reboot in the pi user's user-crontab.