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DoAll Bandsaw
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 45-55525
Make/Model DoAll 16-2
Arrival Date 9/19/14
Usability yes
Contact Cold Metals Area Host
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value 900
Host Area Cold Metals

DoAll Bandsaw Area: Cold Metals

This tool requires certification for use.


Capacity 16" from the blade to the column
Blade Size 120" blade. Width up to 1". Each width requires a set of hardened steel guides and a holder. See below for the guides we have.
Blade Speed approximately 45 to 1600 FPM, continuously variable.
Power 240V, 3 phase
Weight 1500-2000 pounds
Mfg. Date 1955

Major Components

Auth/Use Notes

These notes are for authorized users and authorizers; you must be authorized on the tool by a person, not this list. Don't expect this list to be complete or authoritative.

  • Vertical band saws cut by feeding the material into the blade.
    • The cutting tooth speed is set by spinning the speed adjustment handle.
    • Selection between high and low gear is only done when the adjustment handle is spun to the slowest possible speed. Don't force the gear selection; wiggle it into place.
    • Only adjust the speed when the machine is on.
    • The speed read out is on the dial on the top left part of the machine.
    • Always check the speed versus your material via the read out before making any cuts. Incorrect speeds will quickly ruin blades.
  • The cutting feed is set by you, pushing the material into the blade.
    • There is a half-circle with steps for workholding and handles to control the piece. Use it whenever possible.
    • If cutting curves, check the width of the blade against the chart for the tightest corner you can cut.
    • If you're attempting to cut an angle, start by feeding the workpiece directly into the saw to form a notch first.
    • The angle of the table can be changed after loosening the knob on the right side of the machine and below the table. Then tilt the table by hand. You may have to adjust the height of the lower blade guide if you tilt the table far from horizontal.
    • If the blade is drifting to one side, it might be dulling.
    • Ensure that you have between 3 and 24 teeth engaged with the thickness of the workpiece. Too few and you will knock teeth off; too many and you will fail to form a satisfactory chip.
  • Power
    • The plug is a twist-lock 220V three-phase plug.
    • The starter is a grey box on the back of the machine. Press the rocker to display "ON".
    • Turn the key to the "on" position.
    • Use the larger side buttons to start the machine. The on button may require multiple presses.
    • Always hit the red stop button when you're not actively cutting.
    • Set the starter to off and unplug the machine when you're finished.
  • Safety
    • Never put your fingers near the blade. If your part is too small to keep your fingers at least an inch away from the blade and can't be held in the half-circle workholder, design a way to safely hold the workpiece that doesn't put your fingers near the blade.
    • Lower the blade guard as much as possible; there should be a narrow gap above the workpiece and no more.
    • No gloves or loose sleeves when using the machine; they can be sucked into the blade and drag your arm with. Pushing your sleeves past your shoulder is not acceptable.
    • When pushing work, rest your arms on the table and push with your hands. Pushing with your shoulders can cause you to fall into the machine if the blade breaks or the part slips.
    • Stand with one foot in front of the other to prevent bashing your head or chest into the machine if you do lose control with your arms.
  • Clean up when you're done. Remove your stock and brush all chips into a trash can. Wipe up all cutting fluids.




The welder is finally functioning. It can be used for blades for any of the bandsaws. So far, we have just welded carbon blades. Bimetal may be difficult- brazing might be a better choice for these. Talk to Ed Bennett or Everett Wilson if you want to learn how to use the welder. The procedure is:

  1. Measure 120" (5 table lengths) of the bulk blade of your choice.
  2. Cut the blade to length using the shear above the welder.
  3. Match the cut ends together with the teeth on each end pointing in opposite directions (180 degree twist in the blade). Grind the ends of the blade until they match and are smooth. Normally you could use the grinder on the welder, but the grinder is not working.
  4. Clamp the blade in the jaws with the ends of the blade touching.
  5. Push the welder lever down and hold it down. After the weld is done, release one of the jaw clamps, then release the welder lever.
  6. Anneal the blade until dull red (pulse width modulate the anneal button - it doesn't take much).
  7. Grind the weld until smooth and the weld thickness is the same as the blade.


Blade welder is missing the grinder motor. The shear for the welder is not making clean cuts.

Add a miter jig which mounts to the right side of the table. A round linear bearing would allow the jig to be tilted down out of the way when not in use.


Description Frequency Lubricant Instructions History
Gear Box The manual for model 16-2 (our saw) says to use SAE 10 motor oil. The manual for the 1612 (a slightly newer model) says SAE 20. DoAll support says use SAE 20 motor oil, which is difficult to find. ISO 68 waylube is equivalent to SAE 20 and available from Zengers in Melrose Park. The drain plug is at the bottom of the gear box. Remove pipe cap and fill to the top of the pipe. Takes about 1 quart. Changed 10/7/14 with ISO 68. Only about 2 cups of oil were drained, but no sign of a leak.
Reeves drive shaft (oil cup) 1612: SAE 10

Oct. 15, 2014 Replaced thrust bearings and bearing caps for the 1/16-1/2" upper and lower guides. With the blade centered on the wheel, there is a gap of about 1/8 between the cap and the back edge of the blade. With medium heavy hand feed, the blade doesn't touch the cap and cause the bearing to turn. This may be OK, as there would be significantly more pressure from the workpiece when using the machine's mechanical feed.

Tried the 5/8-1" guides. appears that there will also be a gap between the blade and thrust bearing cap when using a 3/4" blade with the blade centered on the wheel. For the upper guide, we need 2 longer cap screws (1/4-20?) to hold the 3/4" hardened guides to the guide block and 2 shorter screws (shoulder?) to hold the guide block to the guide post. For the lower guide, 2 cap screws. not sure about the screw that holds the lower guide block in place.


Item Description Supplier Cost
Guide thrust bearing 626ZZ 6x19x6mm (2 required)
Guide Blocks Upper and lower insert guide blocks for 1/16-1/2" width blades ('precision' style); upper and lower insert guide blocks ('high speed' style) for 5/8" to 1" width blades.
Inserts Sets of 4 hardened steel inserts for 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4".
Adapter We have the upper and lower Adapters for 1/16 to 1/2" guide blocks.


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List of Currently Authorized Users

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Dean Anderson Machine Shop Host Cred
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Jeff McBride Ed Bennett 10/9/14
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