Grizzly 6" jointer

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Grizzly 6" jointer
Owner/Loaner PS1
Serial Number NA
Make/Model G0654
Arrival Date Sept 2013
Usability no
Contact Wood Shop Area Host
Where was woodshop now out to salvage
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $525.00
Host Area was woodshop now out to salvage

Grizzly 6" jointer PS1 Area: was woodshop now out to salvage


replaced by Jointer_Grizzly_8_inch[[1]]

Eric fixed the broken cutter <UNSAFE to use until fixed, 1/18/2019 At least one broken indexable cutter. >

October 16 2018. Several bad gouges/chips in blades. signs of severe misuse. Please check your materials for nails etc. Repaired but just barely.

3/30/2019 The outfeed surface is out of alignment with the infeed surface, causing the work to teeter over the blades halfway down and making an uneven surface on the work (a gouge at the fulcrum point). REALIGNED..

July 2019...We have purchased a new 8 inch Jointer. Will assemble a Danger committee to devise training once it is connected to Dust Collection and power ....approx October). This is part of the Dust Collection / Shop reorganization sequence.

Jan 2 2019 Blade guard totally loose needs spring repair BE CAREFUL

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purchased from Matt Triano for a song. Thank you for everything, Matt!

This tool requires authorization for use.

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon


  1. Always check your wood for nails or staples. If you're not sure, check the entire piece with the metal detector or a magnet.
  2. Remove the smallest amount of material possible and feed it at an appropriate speed. More passes are better than fewer. If you don't know how to properly adjust the infeed table, ask for help.
  3. Always use the vacuum while running the jointer. Otherwise, it will clog with chips.
  4. If you break something, or damage the tool, contact the area host immediately. Don't let others do more damage to the machine, ruin their work, or hurt themselves by using a broken tool.
  5. Always vacuum the machine, cutting area, and the table around the machine when you are done.


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date}
Matt Triano Owner
Marcin Ignasiak Eric Beauchamp
Jason Shanfield Matt Triano
Sam Drazin Matt Triano
Eric Beauchamp Matt Triano
Ryan Pierce Matt Triano
Pete Noverini Matt Triano
Mike Coriale Matt Triano
Will Garza Matt Triano
Chris Kleehammer Jason Shanfield
Trey Elliott Jason Shanfield
Nik Brink Jason Shanfield
Bradley Topol Matt Triano
Mike Jones Matt Triano
Ray Doeksen Jason Shanfield
Hunter Koerner Eric Beauchamp
Casey Olson Matt Triano
Eugene Liokumovich Matt Triano
Jeff Smykil Matt Triano
Scott Merrell Eric Beauchamp
Erik Wessing Eric Beauchamp
Glenn Trussell Eric Beauchamp
David Gutowsky Eric Beauchamp
Szymon Sambor Eric Beauchamp 9/3/15
Aaron Carlock Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Patrick Lynch Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Shine Chen Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Mike Forkan Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Ethan Sanders Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Kelly Steensma Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Dan (Mike) Arwine Eric Beauchamp 11/19/15
Chris Kohl Andy Larkin 1/21/16
Ian McGrath Andy Larkin 1/21/16
Amner Castillo Eric Beauchamp 2/26/16
Christopher Carson Eric Beauchamp 2/25/16
Jared K Andy L 3/03/16
Keith Couture Eric Beauchamp 3/10/16
Andy Muhic Andy Larkin 4/28/16
Colin Campbell Andy L 5/5/16
Hans Griese Andy L 5/5/16
Daniel Sojka Andy L
Ken Burkhardt Andy Larkin 5/5/16
An Phan Andy Larkin 07/07/16
Jim Brink Andy Larkin 07/21/16
Derwin Umali Andy Larkin 8/7/16
Donald Wells Andy Larkin 8/4/16
McTavish McArdle Andy Larkin 8/4/16
Joe Dowling Ken Burkhardt 8/15/16
Simon Pyle Andy Larkin
Matt Meshulam Jason Shanfield 8/24/16
Leo Rodman Jason S 9/12/16
Brian Cuocci Andy Larkin 9/15/16
Max Rashes Ken Burkhardt 9/20/16
Revant Ohri Andy L 9/15/16
Sam Paris Ken Burkhardt
Aaron Mintz Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Brian Carstensen Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Regan Via Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Jon Komperda Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Robert Richardson Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Ryan Fiebing Ken Burkhardt 10/24/16
Jack Berg Ken Burkhardt 11/07/16
Logan Price Andy Larkin 11/21/16
Kris Blouch Andy Larkin 11/21/16
Tony Iacullo Andy 12/5/16
Matt Schaid Andy Larkin 01/05/17
Jamie Vollmer Andy Larkin 01/05/17
John McBride Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Will Heil Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Dusty Buyck Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Chris Ruhland Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Bruce Mace Eric Beauchamp 02/20/17
Matthew Quigley Andy Larkin 03/02/17
W. Anthony Claypool Andy Larkin 03/16/17
Crystal Morales Andy Larkin 3/16/17
Jason Pittman Andy Larkin 3/16/17
Ashley Borg Andy Larkin 4/13/17
Sam Chen Andy Larkin
Brett Sanderson Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Crystal Zapata Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Alexa Viscius Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Andrew Vaughan Andy Larkin 4/25/17
David Earl Ralph Brendler 5/4/17
Paul McClay Ralph Brendler 5/18/17
Luis Colmenares Ralph Brendler 6/1/17
Kari Danek Ralph Brendler 6/15/17
Danielle MacDonald Ralph Brendler 6/29/17
Sam Yi Ralph Brendler 7/27/17
Zack Sasnow Paul Van Lake 8/3/17
Justin Pestka Ralph Brendler 8/30/17
Jacob Snyder Ralph Brendler 9/7/17
James Beck Ralph Brendler 9/13/17
Mark Haughey Sevin Straus 9/30/17
James Marco Ralph Brendler 10/5/17
Mike Thariath Ralph Brendler 10/20/17
Karl Healy Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Chinbayar Davaatseren Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Benjamin Nuttin Ralph Brendler 11/02/17
Tee Paul V 11/09/17
Nick Fera Paul V 11/09/17
Jeremie Davis Ralph Brendler 11/16/17
Nathan Witt Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Corey Toyama Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Theo T Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Wally Ibrahim Ralph Brendler 11/30/17
Jeff Hassberger Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Mac MacDevitt Paul V 12/7/17
Ben Starett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Ross Hanchett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Michael Donovan Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Alex Tomala Ralph Brendler 12/21/17
Jamin Nollsch Ralph Brendler 12/28/17
Chris Versteeg Ralph Brandler 12/28/17
Aaron Vander Bee Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Joseph Crouch Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bradford Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Stephanie Pelzer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Amanda Assaley Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Chris Eppig Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Patrick Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Jeff Gershune Paul VanLake 1/16/18
Bryan Pennington Ralph Brendler 1/25/18
Michael Ice Ralph Brendler 2/08/18
Scott Fullman Ralph Brendler 2/8/18
Brandon Kennedy Ralph Brendler 2/22/18
Charles Barker Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Dan Mach Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Bruce Mace Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Ricardo Staudt Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Paul Graham Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Mike Gucciard Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Wayne Warren Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Bill Schroeder Ralph Brendler 4/5/18
Mike Wilkin Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Alex Lanigan Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Jessica Jokhi Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Matt Maggio Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Jonathan Frink Ralph Brendler
Gary Newhouse Ralph Brendler 4/26/18
Dave DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
Jennifer DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
Wayne Hendryx Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Brendan Fortune Ralph Brendler 5/17/18
Fritz Sullivan Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Elizabeth Reuter Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Kirsten Landmark Masih Ralph Brendler 6/07/18
Bob Fritz Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Nate Myren Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Tyler Works Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Daniel Willmott Paul V 6/21/18
Bruce Levin Paul V 7/05/18
Joe Day Paul V 7/05/18
Mike Yacobucci Ralph Brendler 7/12/18
Kathryn Connolly Paul V 7/19/18
Sam Lewis Paul V 7/19/18
Aaron Hale Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Adam Wilk Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Geoff Klein Paul V 9/13/18
Earl Wood Paul V 9/13/18
Jacob Dawson Paul V 9/13/18
Ryan Treacy Paul V 9/20/18
Tim Bielawa Paul V 9/27/18
Will Holland Ralph Brendler 10/4/18
GWenn-Ael Lynn Ralph Brendler 10/4/18
Tatjana Paunesku (tpaune) Ralph Brendler 11/29/18
Jim Lund Paul Van Lake 12/6/18
Deanna Musurlian Ralph Brendler 01/24/19
Pat Hillegass Ralph Brendler 1/24/19
Brian Barnt Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Matt Dinning Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Alex Biardo Paul Van Lake 03/01/19
Tyler Moench Ralph Brendler 03/03/19
Tony Green Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Sean Blum Ralph Brendler 04/04/19
Maciej Warchalowski Paul V 04/10/19
Zach Graceffa Ralph Brendler 04/18/19
Chris Martin Ralph Brendler 05/02/19
Kyle Kavanagh Paul V 05/24/19
David Pfeffer Paul V 05/24/19
Jack Gibbons Paul V 06/20/19
Tim Whelan Ralph Brendler 06/27/19
Andrew Soghigian Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Luke Krudwig Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Patrick Cook Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Nathan Upchurch Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Paul Ocampo Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Michael Baker Paul V 07/18/19
Sarah Lu Ralph Brendler 07/25/19
Joseph kardia Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Kevin Huemann Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Connar Rosebraugh Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Szymon Mirek David Earl 08/18/19
Hara Kumaran David Earl 08/18/19
Steven Rummelhoff Ralph Brendler 08/22/19
Mike Thompson Michelle DeLeon 08/22/19
Sam Vuchetich Ralph Brendler 09/05/19
Malindima Sampa Paul V 10/11/2019
Drew Deitch Paul V 10/17/19
Adam Rangwala Ralph Brendler 11/14/19
Derek Smith Ralph Brendler 11/14/19
Jeff Becker Eric Beauchamp 11/23/19
Guillermo Tinoco David Earl 12/05/19
paulina hubli david earl 12/5/2019
Austin Webster Michelle DeLeon 12/10/19
Debbie Walker Michelle DeLeon 12/10/19
David Robbins Paul V 1/16/2020
Ryan Zoghlin Paul V 1/16/2020
Tyler Mark Paul V 1/30/2020
Steve Clemons Paul V 1/30/2020
Matt Holmes Paul V 1/30/2020
Scott Yoder Paul V 1/30/2020