Laguna 16" Planer

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Laguna 16" Planer
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 144367
Make/Model MPLAN1510-0120
Arrival Date June 2015
Usability yes
Where Wood Shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $3000
Host Area Wood Shop

Laguna 16" Planer Area: Wood Shop

Authorization for this tool by authorized proctors only. Members not previously authorized must take the CANVAS course at

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Guidelines for proper use

  1. Always check your wood for nails or staples. Something as small as the staple at the end of a 1x1 can ruin the blades. If you're not sure, check the entire piece with the metal detector sitting on the table saw.
  2. Always measure the thickness of your work and set the initial and working blade height to remove only small amounts of material per pass. You will damage the blades if you manage to dig the machine out on your work.
  3. If the machine is making a strange noise when you use it, there is a problem, and you should ask for help.
  4. If the blades are dull or damaged, contact the area host immediately.
  5. If you break something, or damage the tool, contact the area host immediately. Don't let others do more damage or hurt themselves by using a broken tool.
  6. Always make sure that the dust collection bag isn't too full and is passing air freely.
  7. Always vacuum the machine, cutting area, and the table around the machine when you are done.

April 29 2019. Planer shut down in mid use. Broken elec connection repaired but sill does not start. See gg and slack for more detail. This tool requires authorization for use.


PS1 is experimenting with the use of checklists to encourage the safe use and proper care of tools in the workspace. The latest version of the checklist for this tool is stored as a Google Doc that can be edited by anyone. If you make changes, update the effective date at the bottom of the document. Print a new copy, and replace the old one.

External Links

maintenance gdoc click on "1" to view, "link icon" to edit [1]

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon

List of Currently Authorized Users

NOTE: authorizations are now (since Feb 5 2020) being tracked in Wild Apricot. Authorization for this tool by authorized proctors only. Members not previously Authorized must take the CANVAS course at |}