LulzBot AO-100 3D Printer

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LulzBot AO-100 3D Printer
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model Aleph Objects AO-100
Arrival Date January 2013
Usability no
Contact CNC Area Host
Where CNC 2nd Floor
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $1725
Host Area CNC

LulzBot AO-100 3D Printer Area: CNC


As of 11/13/2015 Not working. RD

Working Beautifully! I had to completely dismantle the extruder. Someone had jammed a ton of orange PLA in there. I even had to drill it out of the plastic part just above the hot end. There was melted material oozing out all kinds of places that it shouldn't be. The actual hot end was packed full of this carbon type stuff (maybe over heated PLA?). I replaced the .5 extrusion tip with the .35 tip. I believe the .5 is permanently damaged due to abusive scraping of the tip. (Scraping the tip will not unclog the head) LG 5/14/2015

Hasn't been used much. Spool-holding bolt is inadequate to hold a spool. Doesn't appear to be extruding ABS even at 230 C. Investigating. RD 5/8/2015


Don't forget to turn the printer off when you are no longer using it. Also, wipe your own nose.

Windows Drivers

Windows users will need to install drivers. For everyone else, It Just Works™. Where everyone = Linux and OSX users.

Usable Print Area

200mm (X-axis) x 190mm (Y-axis) x 100mm (Z-axis) (7.9in x 7.5in x 3.9in)

Host Software

Users of Linux, Windows, OSX will need to install the following software:

  • Pronterface - or Repeteir-Host for manual operation of the printer as well as for starting print jobs
  • Slic3r - for creating gcode (print jobs) from 3D models
  • Additionally, Lulzbot provides a config file for the AO-100 LulzBot. (Note: remember to change nozzle to .5 after importing the config file.)

Suggested Settings

Nozzle diameter = 0.35 mm

Filament diameter = 3.0 mm

COM port - 4 (usually)

Data rate = 115200

Temperature (degrees C) Extruder: 230 Bed: 110

Lulzbot's slic3r config has the infill density set at 0.75. Resulting prints are very sturdy as a result, but the filament consumption and print time go up because of this. It is recommended to turn it down to 0.15 or 0.25, and to increase the number of infill shells. Doing so should have a similar surface quality, but produce a print with significantly less mass.

Other Resources

The manual is available online. A printed form of it can be found near the printer. The manual explains how to operate the printer. Read it =)


The printer is currently configured for 3mm ABS plastic. Only use this kind of plastic. Until Aeva has a chance to upgrade the extruder, PLA can damage the hot end.

Find Something to Print

Thingiverse is a great place to find printable 3D models that other people have designed, and to publish your own.

Designing 3D Models

Page in progress to describe 3D modeling.

List of Currently Certified Users

qualified member trained by
Lyn Cole Colin Parsons
Arkadiusz Czubak Colin Parsons
Michael Skilton Steve Finkelman
Eric Maxon Steve Finkelman
David Fell Elizabeth Koprucki
Ray Doeksen Steve Finkelman
Derek Bever Elizabeth Koprucki
Ricardo Cagnetta Derek Bever
Jeffrey Camealy Derek Bever
Solomon Hursey Derek Bever
Nick Castillo Derek Bever
Ralph Weidenbach Derek Bever
David Earley Steve Finkelman
Tom Forajter Elizabeth Koprucki
Rob Riggs (Colorado Rob) Elizabeth
Adam Glick Ray Doeksen
Arturo Duarte Elizabeth Koprucki
James Porter Elizabeth Koprucki
Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Koprucki
Laurie Rich Elizabeth Koprucki
Mark Stevens Elizabeth Koprucki
Jay Strybis Elizabeth Koprucki
Janet Dornhoff Elizabeth Koprucki
Sloan Lavery Elizabeth Koprucki
Tyler Natoli Elizabeth Koprucki
Tom Judge Justin Conroy
Dan Thomson Elizabeth Koprucki
Jeff McBride Elizabeth Koprucki
Clarence Risher Elizabeth Koprucki
Nick Halderman Elizabeth Koprucki
Brennan Koziarz Elizabeth Koprucki
Aaron Mintz Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Makris Elizabeth Koprucki
Alex Schaffer Elizabeth Koprucki
Michelle Scott Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Meshulam Elizabeth Koprucki
Roger Moore Elizabeth Koprucki
Darold Higa Ray Doeksen
Nora Sluzas Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Triano Elizabeth Koprucki
Curtiss Cooke Elizabeth Koprucki
Andrew Sowa Elizabeth Koprucki
Mike Kislovsky Elizabeth Koprucki
Mark Cabael Elizabeth Koprucki
Lucas Goossen Elizabeth Koprucki
Jessica Wiedner Derek Bever
Scott Little Derek Bever
Alex Maties Elizabeth Koprucki
Bruce Sanders Elizabeth Koprucki
Jenny Tong Justin Conroy & Ray Doeksen
Mike Mandrea Elizabeth Koprucki
Andy Richardson Elizabeth Koprucki
Eric Yu Elizabeth Koprucki
Rick Alm Elizabeth Koprucki
Davis Mazariegos Elizabeth Koprucki
Knute Martell Elizabeth Koprucki
Tina C Elizabeth Koprucki
Ryan Neuman Will Garza
Doorman Dave Elizabeth Koprucki
Steve Nelson Elizabeth Koprucki
Nem Simeunovic Brad Jimenez
Dafe Hughes Brad Jimenez
Gary Silver Brad Jimenez
Daniel Maziarz Brad Jimenez
Greg Kudlacz Brad Jimenez
Adam Moffatt Brad Jimenez