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A 3D bust of myself!
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 Gender:Male                Residence:Kepler-186f
 Age:26                     Vehicle: 2009 Black Ford Escape (4WD)
 Height: 5'11"              Bike: Schwinn Word Sport [G0883]
 Weight: 175 lbs            Works: Full Time at Inventables'
 Eye Color: Brown           Birthday: Classified
 Hair: Bald(Grown:Black)    Alive: Yes (Updated 08/06/2015)

Has been occasionally seen at PS:1 around Midnight, as stated by eye witness accounts. Some believe he is a human size owl, others say he's a myth, but what is certain is that this 'thing' has a background in many subject matter and enjoys long walks on the beach, information yet to be confirmed.If encountered proceed without caution this 'person' is not dangerous and loves to dance when no one's around, will give positive response when presented with pizza. Further information provided below.

List of Machines Currently Certified On

Certification Trained By
CNC 3020 Router Bart Dring
Epilog 30w Mini 24 Laser Engraver Elizabeth Koprucki
LulzBot 3D Printer Elizabeth Koprucki
Lulzbot Taz3 Elizabeth Koprucki
Vinyl Cutter#Certified Users Elizabeth Koprucki
Grizzly_6"_jointer Matt Triano
SawStop_table_saw Matt Triano
Rockwell_14_inch_bandsaw Matt Triano
Delta_Drill_Press_(12in) Matt Triano
Dewalt_Miter_saw Matt Triano
Dewalt_13_inch_planer Matt Triano
Porter-Cable_Router_Table Matt Triano
Leica S430 Scanning Electron Microscope Ryan Pierce
Brother_KH-930_Knitting_Machine#Certified_Users Jesse Seay
Bridgeport Knee Mill JP Debauge/ Proctor: Todd Allen

Evolving list of Resources

General Supply Electronic & CPU Industrial/Manufacturing/Construction How to's
Inventables CHI Arduino ABB Instructables
SDP-S1 Sparkfun Ladyada
McMaster-Carr Make
Rebuilding Exchange WarehouseCHI Adafruit
Robot City Workshop CHI
Microcenter CHI