Meeting Notes 2012-07-03

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:10 pm


Yay Dumpster!

Thank you to the people who helped get the vacuum forming machine.

There was a theft from PS:One during the move. Please be vigilant.

New vote proposal: Increase the table saw budget to $3000 (from $1000) to buy a sawstop table saw.

New vote proposal: cleaning service

New vote proposal: Magistratus Extraordinarious


Power Wheels and other PS:One folks needed to volunteer for Evanston parade on 4th of July. See Steve.

If you want to help decorate a car for a parade float after the meeting, see Steve.


  • Tim mentioned the existence of the board of directors
  • Tim had the new people introduce themselves
    • Maciej is visiting from Poland. He is an Android developer who is also interested in printing.
    • Ian has been doing projects with a Dremel and making a mess of his living room. He is interested in mobile apps and physical interfaces.
    • Tony is a former member. He's interested in software and electronics.
    • Nick is interested in everything, he wants to use the laser cutter.
    • Mike is interested in software and networking computers.
    • Matt is a mathematician, he wants to learn how to do mechanical things.
    • Denver has been working on a mechanical 3-D three player chess game. He's bad at software and is looking for people to collaborate with him on making games.
    • Eric is interested in open source graphic design. He's a web developer.
  • Thank you to Joe and Tim for picking up our new vacuum former
  • Unfortunately, we had ~$600 stolen from Chez PS:One and the laser cutter fund during the move.
  • Kathy explained her vote proposal to purchase a SawStop table saw
    • The vote will happen next week
  • Shawn described his vote proposal to authorize the board to hire a cleaning service
    • The vote will happen next week
  • Tim described Sacha's vote proposal to give the president temporarily expanded purchasing authority.
    • The vote will happen next week
  • Power Wheels needs help decorating cars and people to participate in a parade
  • Kevin wants people interested in helping remodel the room downstairs to get in touch with him
  • Movie night is cancelled this month
  • Beer church is at noon this Sunday - bring something to share
  • Craft night is this Monday
  • 300 Seconds of Fame is after next meeting
  • Automation night is next Wednesday at 7pm
  • Mitch Altman's Arduino class is coming up.
  • Evanston Maker Faire is August 4th and 5th

Meeting End: 08:XX pm