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Pumping Station: One Quick Start Guide

Wikipedia page: http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/

Member Manual: http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Member_Manual

Username/Login/Computer Access

  • The login you create when you sign up is very important---it is how you control your membership payments, and can alter your contact info and storage status. Also called "member management login"
  • The login you create upon receiving email instructions is your PS1 login and is how you log on to computers in the space. Also called "active directory login."



  • Visit the Authorizations Wiki Page to learn how to get started: http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Authorizations
  • Any tool more dangerous than a soldering iron requires authorization, and most tools that require it have a label similar to the one below:


  • Do NOT use tools for which you have not received an authorization.
  • If you're not sure if something requires authorization, look for the tool on the wiki, or ASK SOMEONE.

Parking Tickets

  • Don't leave things on work tables or on tools.
  • Projects cannot be stored long-term. See Tidy Space Policy for more info wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Tidy_Space_Policy
  • Label your projects with your name and phone/email if you are going to leave them unattended and place a green ticket on it for temp storage up to 3 days.

Member Storage

  • Shelves and Lockers cost an additional $30 a month. If you have a membership plus storage, you can claim your locker or shelf by checking from what is available on the registry @ http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Member_Storage_Registry and getting in contact with the Member Management Team.

Guests Policy

  • Members are allowed to host guests, events, and workshops at the space but cannot leave non-members unattended.
  • ALL guests must fill out the waiver at pumpingstationone.org>Menu>Waiver
  • At no point can non-members be given a fob or any other means of unsupervised access; they are NOT allowed to use any tools that require authorization.


Deactivate/Reactivate Membership + Change Billing Info


  • Clean up after yourself (dishes, projects, put tools away). Any member found not cleaning up their mess will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Report broken tools! You won’t be punished for breaking a tool because we need every broken tool to be a learning opportunity for all members. Reporting broken tool also helps keep other members safe and will help the tool get fixed/replaced sooner. Report broken tools on Discourse, email the area host https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Category:Hosted_Areas, notify in Slack, and update the wiki. If you aren’t sure who the area host is, check the wiki or ask via Discourse, Slack or email ([email protected]) and someone will help you.
  • Take out the trash; bags are in the CNC room in the safe and the key to the dumpster is in the dock. If you're using the wood shop, always check to see if the particulate filter bags need emptied - before and after you use the wood shop - and empty them when needed.
  • Turn off all of the lights if you are the last one in the building. Make sure all the building doors are closed and lock behind you when you leave.
  • Respect your fellow members. High demand tools such as the lasers may require turn-taking. It is first-come, first-served, however you should be considerate.
  • Feel free to host an event or workshop! For calendar access email [email protected].
  • Volunteer!!! We are a member-run organization with NO employees. There are many ways that virtually anyone can contribute.
  • Label your food with your name and a date or it will be disposed of. Unmarked food or store-bought beer is free.
  • If you use a tool, help maintain it. We are all volunteers and are all equally responsible for making Pumping Station a fun and functional place.


  • Let strangers in without verifying that they are members. They need to show you an email from PS1 to get in. You can also double-check they are an active member by checking the member directory: http://membership.pumpingstationone.org/directory
  • Permit non-members to use tools.
  • Surprise someone using a tool. If you need to talk with someone using a tool, approach slowly from the front, while calling to them, or better yet, wait until they are done. DO NOT startle them.
  • Overfill the dumpster. We will get fined.
  • Leave doors open after 7PM. Our neighbors are disturbed by the noise and mice come in.
  • Park in front of the loading dock. It is for members to load and unload, and occasionally do work on their cars.
  • Block the fire lanes or electrical panels.
  • Prop fire doors open, nor any door that indicates it should not be propped open.
  • Leave tools running unsupervised! No saws, no lasers, no Shopbots! If you do, we’ll probably deauthorize you, at the least. (The one exception is 3d printers)