Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander

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Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number NA
Make/Model G0654
Arrival Date December 2014
Usability no
Contact Matt Triano
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $200.00

Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander Area: Not Assigned https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/wiki/Ridgid_Oscillating_Spindle_Sander

please see: https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Sander_(oscillating_spindle)_-_Steel_City it is the current spindle sander since mid 2018. However it no longer oscillates so this backup returns to service.

This tool requires authorization for use. Deemed worthless by shop host


The belt sander attachment lives in a pocket at the back of the tool.

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @ home-chicago.com
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon


  1. Always check your wood for nails or staples. If you're not sure, check the entire piece with the metal detector or a magnet.
  2. Always use dust collection.
  3. Always use the appropriate washer with the oscillating drums, and put the washers away when you're done.
  4. Adjust the belt sander so that the belt tracks without running against the metal supports.
  5. Always replace washers and throat plates in their respective slots on the front of the machine when you switch accessories.


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Matt Triano Matt Triano
Erin Kunkel Matt Triano
Tyler Matthew Matt Triano
Shae Kurko Matt Triano
Ben Bogler Matt Triano
Sam Paris Ron Olson
Knute Martell Ron Olson
Chris Kleehammer Jason Shanfield
Trey Elliott Jason Shanfield
Nik Brink Jason Shanfield
Frances Ritchie Ron Olson
Ben Kern Ron Olson
Eric Yu Ron Olson
Karol Slowikowski Ron Olson
Chris Smith Ron Olson
Ryan Pierce Matt Triano
Benjamin Miller Ron Olson
Jennie P Ron Olson
Eugene Liokumovich Ron Olson
Tomas Ward Ron Olson 4/26/2015
Les Schier Jason Shanfield 5/2/15
Hunter Koerner Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Erik Wessing Eric Beauchamp
Kurt Ziegel Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Simon Pyle Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Anthony Phelps Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Ralph Brendler Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Kyle Bieneman Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Jim Baker Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Shane Kanter Ron Olson 9/12/2015
Marcin Ignasiak Eric Beauchamp
Deanna Williams Eric Beauchamp
Niko Hawley Eric Beauchamp
Kevin Mitchell Eric Beauchamp
Adam Moffatt Eric Beauchamp 10/22/2015
Mike Mandrea Eric Beauchamp 11/5/2015
Caleb Young Eric Beauchamp
Aaron Carlock Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Patrick Lynch Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Mike Forkan Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Ethan Sanders Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Alex Al-Hamdan Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015
Alvaro Caceres Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015
Kelly Steensma Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Dan (Mike) Arwine Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Connor Sullivan Eric Beauchamp 1/8/2016
Erik Funkhouser Ron Olson 11/01/2015
Shelly Loke-Gayares Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Saul Weiner Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Brandon Love Eric Beauchamp 1/28/16
Christopher Carson Eric Beauchamp 2/25/16
Jared K Andy L 3/03/16
Nick Puglisi Eric Beauchamp 4/21/16
Andy Muhic Andy Larkin 4/28/16
Josh Younger Eric Beauchamp 5/19/16
Joseph Juhnke Eric Beauchamp 6/20/16
Donald Wells Andy Larkin 8/4/16
McTavish McArdle Andy Larkin 2016-08-04
Joe Dowling Ken Burkhardt 8/15/16
Leo Rodman Jason S 9/12/16
Brian Cuocci Andy L 9/15/16
Regan Via Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Jon Komperda Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Logan Price Andy Larkin 11/21/16
Kris Blouch Andy Larkin 11/21/16
Chris Ruhland Andy Larkin 01/05/17
Bruce Mace Eric Beauchamp 02/20/17
Matthew Quigley Andy Larkin 03/02/17
Kari Danek Ralph Brendler 6/15/17
Christophe Laurent Ralph Brendler 8/10/17
Danielle MacDonald Ralph Brendler 2017-06-29
Sam Yi Ralph Brendler 7/27/17
Zack Sasnow Paul Van Lake 8/3/2017
Arjun Sharma Ralph Brendler 8.10.17
Justin Pestka Ralph Brendler 8.30.17
Jacob Snyder Ralph Brendler 9/7/17
James Beck Ralph Brendler 9/13/17
James Marco Ralph Brendler 10/5/17
Mike Thariath Ralph Brendler 10/19/17
Benjamin Nuttin Ralph Brendler 11/02/17
Nathan Witt Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Corey TOyama Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Theo T Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Wally Ibrahim Ralph Brendler 11/30/17
Ben Starett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Ross Hanchett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Michael Donovan Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Alex Tomala Ralph Brendler 12/21/17
Aaron Vander Bee Ralph Brandler 1/11/18
Ben Farmer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bradford Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Stephanie Pelzer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Patrick Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bryan Pennington Ralph Brendler 1/25/18
Brandon Kennedy Ralph Brendler 2/22/18
Rolf Scheidt Ralph Brendler 2/22/18
Charles Barker Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Dan Mach Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Bruce Mace Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Gary Newhouse Eric Beauchamp 4/26/18
Dave DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
Jennifer DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
John Burkholder Ralph Brendler 5/03/18
Wayne Hendryx Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Brendan Fortune Ralph Brendler 5/17/18
Mike Yacobucci Ralph Brendler 7/12/18
Aaron Hale Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Geoff Klein Paul V 9/13/18
Tyler Moench Ralph Brendler 03/03/19
Maciej Warchalowski Paul V 04/10/19
David Pfeffer Paul V 05/24/19
Michael Baker Paul V 07/18/19
Ryan Zoghlin Paul V 1/16/2020
David Robbins Paul V 1/16/2020