Rockwell drill press

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Rockwell drill press
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 1456658
Make/Model Rockwell 17-600 17" Drill Press
Arrival Date December 2016
Usability yes
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Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $500
Host Area Cold Metals

Rockwell drill press Area: Cold Metals


17" capacity (from the center of the spindle to the column).

VFD controlled 3 phase motor. Continuously variable spindle speed from 250-1470 RPM.

Morse #2 taper spindle

Capacity, mild steel 1/2"

Drills to center 17"

motor: 1 HP 3 phase

power: 120 V.

Weight: 400 pounds

Major Components

Auth/Use Notes

Recommended Drill Protocol:

  1. A full set of fractional, number and letter drills are available in a index case next to the drill. Use a drill from this case if one is available and usable. If a drill is unusable repair it or put it into the discarded drill tray.
  2. If no drill is available or usable in the index case take one from the cabinets.
  3. When you are through with the drill replace it into the index case.
  4. With this procedure users can be assured that drills from the cabinet are new and drills from the index case may be OK but should be checked.

These notes are for reference after authorization by a person.

The spindle switch must be 'off' and the e-stop (big red button) must be in the out position (twist the button counter clockwise) before the spindle can be turned on. Note-- If the VFD shows an E5 code check the e switch, it needs to be in the on (extended) position.

Authorizations from the old DoAll drill press carry over to this machine.

The motor direction is reversible using a switch on the back of the control box. For nearly all drills, the spindle must rotate clockwise when viewed from above.


  1. Setup material securely on the table. Be sure the drill will not drill into the table.
  2. Turn e-stop counter clockwise
  3. Turn on power switch on the back of the control box
  4. Set the RPM based on the material being drilled and the drill diameter.
  5. Set the direction switch on the back of the control box to 'forward'.
  6. Move the spindle switch to 'on' when you are ready to drill.
  7. To turn off, push the e-stop or move the spindle switch to the 'off' position.


A drill mounted in the chuck will have some run out. For most applications this should be acceptable. The cause could be a bent spindle or worn chuck.

We should to have a chart nearby showing recommended spindle speeds for various drill sizes and materials.



Drills and vises are stored in the cabinet in front of the drill press.


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Dean Anderson
Everett Wilson Dean Anderson
Bruce Mace Chris Ruhland 3/7/17
Brian Adamson Chris Ruhland 3/23/2017
Jeremy Shaw Chris Ruhland 4/09/2017
Molly Adamski Chris Ruhland 4/09/2017
Carlos Garcia Chris Ruhland 5/17/2017
Ben Stringer Chris Ruhland 5/17/2017
Arjun Sharma Tom Judge 8/10/17
Jacob Snyder Sam Olendorf 9/13/17
Sean Nixon Sam Olendorf 9/27/17
Mateusz Pec Sam Olendorf 9/27/17
Bobby Huggins Sam Olendorf 11/15/17
Ryan Himmelblau Sam Olendorf 11/15/17
Mac MacDevitt Sam Olendorf 12/20/17
Nathan Witt Sam Olendorf 11/29/17
Aaron Vander Bee Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Amanda Assaley Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Stephanie Pelzer Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Chris Eppig Sam Olendorf 1/10/18
Zack Sasnow Sam Olendorf 1-26-2018
Bill Schroeder Sam Olendorf 4/18/2018
Gary Newhouse Eric Beauchamp 4/26/18
Maciej Warchalowski Sam Olendorf 6/13/18
Alex Zhu Sam Olendorf 7/25/18
Malindima Sampa McTavish McArdle 1/7/2020
Michelle deLeon McTavish McArdle 02/04/20}
Corwin Kline McTavish McArdle 02/04/2020