Ryobi RT101 Router Table

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Ryobi RT101 Router Table
Owner/Loaner PS:1
Make/Model Ryobi RT101
Arrival Date 2009
Usability No
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $100
Host Area Removed

Ryobi RT101 Router Table PS:1 Area: Removed https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/wiki/Ryobi_RT101_Router_Table

Includes Ryobi R161 Router serial # 814819 0401
(We also have another Ryobi R161 which is separate)

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date Certified
Sarah Sutherlin Danger Committee
Tim Saylor Danger Committee
Jim Burke Tim Saylor
John Albert Tim Saylor
Nathan Witt Tim Saylor
David Mole Tim Saylor
Chris Luiz Nathan Witt
Shawn Blaszak Nathan Witt
Geofferey Topham Nathan Witt
Tom Ketola Nathan Witt
John Stoner Nathan Witt
Jim Burke Nathan Witt
Ryan Lanham Nathan Witt
Zane Bowers? Nathan Witt
Anne Peterson Nathan Witt
Dan Bornside Ryan Lanham
Cory Knapp Nathan Witt
Jordan Bunker Nathan Witt
Constamtin Gamrileson Nathan Witt
Alex Shnayder Nathan Witt
John Dorfman Nathan Witt
Matt Bruan Shawn Blaszak
Dan Locks Nathan Witt
Joshua Rethhaas Shawn Blaszak
Jay Hopkins Shawn Blaszak
Chris Fanning Shawn Blaszak
Gabriel Rosenhouse Shawn Blaszak
Malerie Kaplan Tim Saylor
Janet Dornhoff Matt Triano
Hilary Lee Matt Triano
Will Rante Matt Triano
Henry Behel Matt Triano
Mike Jones Matt Triano
Kurt Ziegel Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Simon Pyle Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Brett Sanderson Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Crystal Zapata Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Alexa Viscius Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Danielle MacDonald Ralph Brendler 2017-06-29
Arjun Sharma Ralph Brendler 8.10.17
Mike Thariath Ralph Brendler 10/19/17
Wally Ibrahim Ralph Brendler 11/30/17
Deanna Musurlian Ralph Brendler 01/24/19
Pat Hillegass Ralph Brendler 1/24/19
Patrick Cook Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Matt Saunders Ralph Brendler 07/11/19