Shipping and Handling for Water Filter/Cooler/Heater Purchase Vote Vote

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This motion was proposed on November 29, 2013

  This motion passed on December 17, 2013



November 29, 2013 - Proposed Dec 10 - didn't meet quorum Dec 17 - vote date

  • vote passed on 12/17/13
    • quorum was 31
    • 39 votes were cast
      • 38 yes
      • 1 no
      • 0 present


The vote Water Filter/Cooler/Heater Purchase Vote was enough money for the equipment listed, but not for shipping and handling.

  • The current base price is: $478.09
  • The current S+H price is: $52.67
  • The current plumbing fittings is $18.29
  • The current total price is: $549.05

This vote is to reimburse the purchaser the full amount of the purchase, not just the amount in the original vote.


File:Receipt for plumbing fittings for water cooler.pdf


Reimburse the person who purchases the equipment in Water Filter/Cooler/Heater Purchase Vote the full amount of the order including shipping and handling, not the amount in the original vote.


Yea: 38 Nay: 1 Present: 0