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Ryan Pierce and Bryanna Denney


September 11th, 2013 - Introduced September 17th, 2013 - Proposed Vote date


As per the 2013 Budget Authorization vote, there needs to be a membership vote for an item to be on the special project list. For convenience, I've listed what defining the SEM as a special project means, below.

The board is also authorized to spend money from the general fund for any special projects that are properly approved by a membership vote. They may exercise this power at any time after the original approval, provided that:

  • There are no higher priority projects that have not yet been funded, as determined by member vote,
  • The money in the final estimate to complete the project is available without dropping our savings below 8 x our monthly rent, and
  • There are volunteers committed to completing the project.

At the time of this vote, there are no other approved special projects. Subsequent additions to the special projects queue should specify priority in regards to this project.


We the membership authorize supplies, parts, maintenance and additional equipment for the SEM and Sputter Coater to be on the Special Projects queue with a budget of $550. This special project is of first priority, as it is the only special project in the queue.


Quorum: 28

Yea: 25 Nay: 5 Present: 3

Total votes 32, the vote passed