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Machine Repaired - Left extruder fan wiring shorted in wire loom causing power cycle when the left thermocouple read 50C+ Thermocouples were retaped to ensure electrical isolation from heater block - heater wire can fray and short out on the heater block. 5V pin was removed from the end stop cables. This is reversible and protects against internal shorts in the endstop cables. A short could permanently damage the Mightyboard. End stop leds will not work but they still mechanically function as intended. A plastic cover was added to the back of the lcd to prevent accidental damage from grabbing bare conductors. --Junes (talk) 15:59, 28 October 2014 (CDT)

September 22, 2014: Machine reboots when it heats up.

June 28, 2014: Right extruder jammed with black ABS. Left extruder works, last loaded with plain/white ABS. rd

As of November 15, 2013:

Left extruder broken. Needs thermistor, feed mechanism. Temporarily FIXED as of 1/15/2014. (Original thermocouple wire salvaged, crimped onto longer leads.)

Thermocouple ordered, I have all parts for another spring loaded extruder except bearing.--Dbever (talk) 00:23, 16 November 2013 (CST) LOST/MIA ~ 12/25/2013 (It was last seen in a plastic bag atop the machine on christmas eve. Does anyone know where it went?)

Right extruder received some major modifications, still has some jamming/feed issues near the hot end. PENDING (see grub screw issue below.)

I think increasing spring pressure would help. Washers? --Dbever (talk) 00:23, 16 November 2013 (CST) FIXED as of 1/15/2014 (Longer/stronger springs, new MK7 1.75mm drive wheels)

Feed spools must be kept clear of obstructions, or the handles on the orange spools will catch on cords, etc., and the machine will jam. FIXED as of 1/15/2014 (NO MORE EXTENSION CORD REELS... Printed a "universal" smaller spool support for one side, dug up the original makerbot spool holders. There is a spare 50mm makerbot spool holder under the table.)

Printing beds (both of them) may be bent/warped to some degree. Not always significant with smaller parts. OK as of 1/15/2014 (Passes the paper test with BOTH extruder nozzles at 5 points now. Both nozzles at same height via kapton shims lifting right side of extruder assembly, table leveled in relation to both nozzles.)

New / current problems as of 1/15/2014:

Fixed thermocouple on left extruder seems to read low, (has difficulty getting to or above 237degC.) Should really be replaced with a NEW type-k thermocouple. (Any with at least 24in leads will do.)

To position the groove in the drive wheel where it needs to be, the grub screw is partially beyond the ground flat in the motor shaft for both extruders. This will be fixed soon, but means there is a potential for slippage when extruding at a high rate or too low a temp. (Flats in motor shafts will be lengthened so the grub screws hit the flats.)

When slicing with the default settings in makerware, oozing is a big problem when attempting dual extrusion. To successfully make a 2-color or 2-material model, you must create your own slicing profile that includes retraction of the filament to reduce/avoid this.

Makerbot has ceased support of Makerware for Windows XP, meaning that we are already at least a year behind continued development of their software. The windows PC will be updated to Windows 7 at some point, so please don't store anything dear on it.

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