Bridgeport Knee Mill

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Bridgeport Knee Mill
Owner/Loaner PS:One
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Make/Model Bridgeport Series I knee mill
Arrival Date Dec 2013
Usability yes
Contact Area Host
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$3000
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A recent model Knee Mill made by the Bridgeport company. This is the gold-standard small shop manual milling machine in the US. Most other mills of the same size are direct copies of the bridgeport design. This particular machine is a Series I, J-head with a mechanical variable speed drive. The machine has a power quill feed built into the head, in addition to the additional equipment listed below. This machine is capable of facing, surfacing, drilling and slotting in materials ranging from plastics to mild steel. Harder metals may be cut if special cutters and coolant are available. This machine is not equipped with CNC controls, consequently curved paths are limited to circular arcs. These can be cut on pieces that can be mounted on the 8" rotary table or approximated to a desired precision using the simple or smooth arc functions of the DRO.


This tool requires authorization for use

Authorization on this tool requires previous Tier 1 Cold Metals Authorization. Seek out the volunteer authorizers on the Groups or in person.

The Bridgeport authorization is in two parts: once you have the prerequisite authorization, you need to complete the Canvas course; then, contact an authorizer to schedule the in-person portion of the authorization, where you will complete the auth project.


  • Wally Fugiel
    • email:
    • slack handle:

Personal Tooling and Learning Resources


Item Description Supplier Cost
End Mills A set of sharp cutters you don't have to share can be purchased from McMaster, Enco or Shars ~$50 and up
Caliper Measurement device accurate to approximately .001". A 6" digital Mitutoyo would be a fine choice for about $100. Beware of counterfeits. Amazon, or any industrial supplier $30 and up
Tool Holder Something to bring your tools with you and keep them safe. A member made example can be found here Free/3D printed

Purchasing Cutters


Feeds and Speeds

A page with feed and speed information to get you started may be found at Bridgeport Knee Mill Feeds and Speeds.

Available Equipment

The Large Mill Accessories Cabinet
The Small Mill Tooling Chest

On the mill

  • Power feed Model 6F (x axis)
  • Digital Read Out (DRO)
  • Kurt 6" vise
  • Riser plate
  • Common R8 collets (tool holding)

In the Large Mill Accessories Cabinet

In the Small Mill Tooling Chest

  • Boring heads
  • Fly cutters
  • Two flute end mills
  • Tapping heads
  • More R8 collets (tool holding) and 5C collets (work holding)


  • Sine plate

Repair and Maintenance

Please see the service manual.

Resetting the machine and work area after use

  • Clean up chips
  • Turn off DRO, power feed and light


bridgeport maintenance page


The X-axis handle (opposite the power feed) is missing the spring.

The handle for the Z-axis front lock has snapped off. The rabbit hole is deeper than expected, or may just be a handle that can be removed.

The screw to prevent collets from rotating in the spindle is frequently removed, as some collets won't fit with it in there and it can cause bigger problems if it shears off. This won't be repaired.

The power feed appears to be leaking oil. Parts that we should consider replacing:

  • 61 11636413 Seal, Shaft quantity 1
  • 72 11630134 Gasket, Cover quantity 1
  • 33 11630261 Bearing, Single Row, Loose Fit, quantity 2; these should be available from a bearing distributor

Good sources for Bridgeport parts: High Quality Tools, H&W Machinery Repair, Mataco


Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Proctored By
Tucker Tomlinson Danger Committee
Mike Warot Danger Committee
Ed Bennett Danger Committee
John-Paul(JP) Debauge Danger Committee
Ryan Pierce JP Debauge Ed Bennett
Everett Wilson JP Debauge Ryan Pierce
Derek Bever JP Debauge Everett Wilson
Elizabeth Koprucki JP Debauge Ryan Pierce, Everett Wilson
Anna Yu Ed Bennett Ed Bennett
Dean Anderson Ed Bennett Ed Bennett
Bart Dring Ed Bennett Ed Bennett
Greg "Nerobro" Teiber JP Debauge JP Debauge
Ray Doeksen JP Debauge JP Debauge
"Colorado" Rob Riggs JP Debauge Everett Wilson
Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin Danger null
Todd Allen JP Debauge Everett Wilson
Ron Olson Derek Bever and Everett Wilson Everett Wilson
Michael Skilton Derek Bever and Everett Wilson Todd Allen
Alan Baker Tucker Tomlinson
Tom Judge Everett Wilson Everett Wilson
Ron Bean Todd Allen Todd Allen
George Shaw Todd Allen Todd Allen
Arturo Duarte JP Debauge Todd Allen
Joao Santos Todd Allen Dean Anderson
Chris Agocs Everett Wilson Todd / Everett
Lucas Goossen Todd Allen Todd Allen
Ben Bogler Everett Wilson Todd Allen
Michael Patton Todd Allen Todd Allen
David Srebro Todd Allen Todd Allen
Daniel Sojka Todd Allen Todd Allen & Michael Patton
Allen Zalsman Todd Allen Todd Allen
Justin T. Conroy Todd Allen Everett Wilson
Raj (Joseph Perera) Everett Wilson Everett Wilson
Scott Drane JP DeBauge and Todd Allen
Aaron Carlock JP Debauge JP Debauge
Brandon Love JP Debauge JP Debauge
Ryan Neuman JP Debauge JP Debauge
Sam Paris JP Debauge JP Debauge
JP DeBauge
Zachery Small Michael Patton Michael Patton
McTavish McArdle JP Debauge
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Jennie Plasterer Abel Greenwald Abel Greenwald
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