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things i want to do around ps1


large-scale things that involve protracted work, coordination with other people, the establishment of policies, &c


archived project pages that are no longer relevant to the current state of the shop


objects i want to make for the shop

  • 7/16" square drive handle for clausing saddle lock
    • get an appropriate socket, make a handle, and attach the two
    • saddle lock square bolt head fits a 7/16" open wrench, but not the closed end, or a 7/16" 'universal' socket
    • a 1/2" 'universal' socket (or closed-end wrench) fits fine, if a little loosely
  • magnetic whiteboard 'last organized' charts
    • can be affixed to cabinets / tool carts / shelves to show little charts of when they were last thoroughly organized
    • idea is to provide a decentralized, low-overhead means of coordinating contents organization / cleanup
  • modular table covers for the bridgeport
    • modules
      • idea is to have them be in sections of 4-10" so they can accommodate the vice moving, &c
        • make multiple sizes, so they can be rearranged?
      • will need at least two special ones to fit snugly against vice sides, which aren't square
      • should have magnets in, so they stick to the table
      • blocks that fit (loosely?) into the t-slots, so they register easily
    • manufacture
      • will have to laser-cut, to get the contours for the vice-hugging sections right
      • engrave holes for magnets & mark out t-slot block positions
      • screw / glue / staple t-slot blocks down?
        • top surface should be flat, so would need to countersink screws carefully
    • material
      • maso or mdf would be easiest
      • plastic (hdpe?) for wear / oil resistence?
  • convert one of the two spindexers into a powered cylindrical grinding fixture for the surface grinder
    • mount motor, add round belt pulley to spindle
    • add thrust bearing to preload spindle
    • big thick base so the spindexer doesn't need to sit in the middle of the mag chuck
    • will probably need to make a pin spanner to tighten the front screw on
  • tool height gauge for the clausing
    • mag base to make it easy to mount solidly on the ways?
    • use dowel pin for reference surface
      • grind to proper dimension
    • need good way to experimentally determine proper tool height