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general goals

governing principles & things broad-scope things i'd like to do

  • clean out the maintenance reports
    • delete orphan, empty, or misspelled pages pages
    • make sure things are properly categorized
  • improve discoverability
    • rectify & document hierarchical categories
    • make sure the front page has the right entrypoints
  • improve usefulness
    • information should be accurate & complete
    • wiki should be well-illustrated

specific initiatives

notes on specific wiki improvement projects, & their state; bold entries are completed

cold metals

improve the usability of the cold metals pages


  • clean out the category
    • make sure things which should be tagged are, properly
  • map of area layout?

machine pages

  • make machine pages usable as references
  • make authorization info clear
    • make sure the tier 1 page links to & is linked-to from the right tools
    • unify tier 1 authorization lists
  • there should be a central repository / category for tool maintenance pages
    • all tools should link to their respective maintenance page
    • the area page should link to the main maintenance page

tool inventory

  • the major cabinets / shelves should have pages or sections
    • contents should be described

clean up front page

the front page tends to be rather static. time for a re-evaluation?

  • are all the sections still necessary / relevant?
    • are there sections that should be moved into categories or other pages, to make more room?
  • are the linked-to pages active, or statically important?
  • are there important pages that should be linked-to?

rectify the vote / budget category hierarchy

important historical (& contemporary) documents that already have OK organization but could be improved

  • add entrypoint on front page
  • votes
    • make sure all vote pages are in the 'votes' category
      • and the appropriate '[year] votes' category
  • budgets
    • category page itself
      • rename category to 'budgets'?
      • fill out description text
    • make sure all budget pages are appropriately linked-to from their respective votes pages
    • hierarchical '[year] budgets'? categories?
    • clear out non-templated pages in 'budget' category?