Board Meeting Notes 2020-04-07

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Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Board Members: Aushra, Paul, David, Molly, Tanja, Rob
  • Officers: Sky
  • Other Members: Andrew Morris, Gary Newhouse


Minutes and Agenda Approval

  - Last meeting minutes =
     - approved: 6 for, 0 against
  - Consent Agenda - none

Committee Reports


  - Kevin super duper excited with Joe M. joining MMT. Board to approve tonight. 

- General Ops

  - Andrew M. to buy exhaust hood duct work for spray booth. Electrical work also needed. 
  - Gary to follow up re: electrical contractor for scheduling


Writing letters for in-progress DRC cases

Officer Reports

- PR

  - none


  - Tech team selection
     - Sky spoke w/ one person who applied
     - Sky to reach out to others who applied to see how they can help now
     - Donation button up. Minor language/formatting options coming online. 
     - Investigating integrating social media into website
     - Google analytics integrated into website. Sky & Rob to ensure analytics can be retrieved at the page level. 

- Treasurer

  - Trash service suspended, saving 1k per month. 
     - Paul O. offered to take any trash created in 3D printing
     - Need to ensure first trash pickup is scheduled near space re-opening


- Area Host Reviews

  - Cate review done by Molly & Rob. Woodshop done by David & Paul. 
  - 8 more remaining, to be scheduled

- Read mail

  - Need to review mail to see if there is anything important. 

- Old business

  - Strategic Planning: no update. Member survey coming soon
  - Revenue Generation Workshop: had on Sunday, 4/5. Board to complete evaluation & prioritization of cost savings work, then assign leads for revenue generation and cost savings work streams.
  • New business
  - Joe Mertz for MMT - approved by board today, 4.7.20 (6 "for", 0 "against")

Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $22,757.22
  • Chase Savings: $114,150.69
  • PEX: $22,576
  • PayPal: $7,679

Membership Report

  • Volunteer/board members: 44
  • Volunteer with paid storage: 9
  • 'Scholarship: 5’
  • Members with storage: 68
  • Members (no storage): 382
  • Total: 508
  • Quorum: 51

Open Action Items

1. Gary: follow-up on next steps for spray box ventilation (electrical scheduling; Andrew Morris can purchase duct work with his PEX card).

2. Andrew Morris: purchase duct work for vent hood

Note: board action items are stored in a separate log.


Joe Mertz for MMT - approved by board today, 4.7.20 (6 "for", 0 "against"