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Vinyl Cutter
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model Jaguar II
Arrival Date 2012
Usability yes
Contact 2Dprinting at
Where Arts
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $2300
Host Area Removed Equipment

Vinyl Cutter Area: Removed Equipment


2023-11-29: At some point in time the Mimaki_CJV30-160 replaced this vinyl cutter. The vinyl cutter no longer exists.

2022-11-06: User permission error keeping printer from working.

2018-11-03: Perfect working condition. Cut 60 square feet today.


Viral. Any authorized user can train and authorize another. Record authorizations on this wiki page, below. At the moment there are no regularly scheduled authorization sessions. Contact/ask an authorized user or the area host.

Tips on how to use (After Authorized)

Quick Start Guide: [1]

The full manual can be found here: [2]

See a Useful Video.

Loading Media

  • Raise the lever on the upper back right of the machine
  • Slide in the media (up to 24" or 600mm). It helps to have a rectangular piece so the machine can recognize the size. Center it over some of the grooved rollers so they are as close to the edges as possible.
  • Slide the pinch rollers from behind over the grooved roller you chose.
  • Lower roller with the lever.
  • Read the display and push the arrow button for the type of media you are loading. For a single sheet (not a roll), for example you would press the right arrow (see screen shot below)

Note: It determines the width of the media by the placement of the two outer rollers:

Width Sensor


The Software used is CoCut Standard 2015. We no longer use the software that came with the cutter.

The software does import svg or ai files. One thing to be careful with svg is to set your document settings to 96 DPI. This way exporting from your editing software then importing to CoCut Pro will maintain actual physical size.


  • Make sure to check any files you download from the internet for hidden artifacts
  • Make sure all your borders/strokes are set to 0px or you will get 3 cuts for the border (inner stroke, outer stroke and object edge)


When your graphic is ready to cut, click the File -> Output menu. This will bring up the "Output to device" window.

Things you need to set on this window:

  • Make sure "Settings via comm" is turned on via machine settings.TODO: Need to lookup the actual setting name.
  • Pressure: Good starting point is 30g or 1oz. Standard glossy vinyl cuts well at 60g.
  • Speed: Good starting point is 10cm/s or 4in/s
  • Material Width: Click "Read Material" button. See Loading Media
  • Material Length: Click "Read Material" button. See Loading Media
  • Overcut: Good starting point is 0.25mm or 0.01in

Do Preview your cut because depending on your setting the cut layout is not necessary exactly what you laid out in the svg file. Note also that in the preview you can rearrange the layout, including duplicating, rotating, or removing cuts.

If you're having trouble accepting your media, sunlight from the window may be affecting the sensors. Roll the vinyl cutter away from the direct sunlight.


The output settings for speed and pressure can be set on the machine itself.

  • Turn off "Settings via comm" TODO: Need to lookup the actual setting name.
  • Take the cutter offline (hit on/off line button)
  • Hit the speed or pressure button
  • Use arrow keys to change value
  • Hit enter
  • Put the cutter online by hitting the on/off line button a second time


There are 3 types of blade for the cutter:

These blades will be arriving shortly.

Purchasing Materials

New Materials can be purchased locally through Rayco near Peterson and Pulaski, the plotter size is 24 inches. Generally you are on your own for materials; if you use the materials that are near the cutter, it is fair game, and it would be cool if you put some money in the nearby gray donation box or ask the area host how to contribute. Area hosts use donations to buy more materials and parts for machines. Suggested donation $1/square foot?

  • Economy/Intermediary stock is for the majority of projects and has an expected life of 3 years
  • High performance stock is intended for cars and boats and has an expected life of 7 years.

Recommended Authorizers

  • Kevin Bradley
  • Elizabeth Koprucki

Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Donald Jacobson Donald Jacobson
Bart dring Donald Jacobson
Ray Doeksen Elizabeth Koprucki
David Fell Elizabeth Koprucki
Derek Bever Elizabeth Koprucki
Roger Moore Elizabeth Koprucki
Tom Forajter Elizabeth Koprucki
Arturo Duarte Elizabeth Koprucki
Tyler Natoli Elizabeth Koprucki
Sloan Lavery Elizabeth Koprucki
Tyler Hsu Elizabeth Koprucki
Casey Olson Justin and Derek!
Jeff McBride Elizabeth Koprucki
Clarence Risher Elizabeth Koprucki
Will Garza Elizabeth Koprucki
Nick Halderman Elizabeth Koprucki
Aaron Mintz Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Makris Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Meshulam Elizabeth Koprucki
Mark Cabael Elizabeth Koprucki
Tom Judge Elizabeth Koprucki
Todd Allen Elizabeth Koprucki
Lucas Goossen Tom Judge
Sonia Yaco Elizabeth Koprucki
Alex Trimm Elizabeth Koprucki
Davis Mazariegos Elizabeth Koprucki
Knute Martell Elizabeth Koprucki
Ryan Neuman Elizabeth Koprucki
Scott Drane Elizabeth Koprucki
James Huber Knute Martell
Doorman Dave Elizabeth Koprucki
Mike Mandrea Tom Judge
Erik Wessing Justin Conroy
Michael Patton Andrew Camardella
Burton Kent Tom Judge
Niko Hawley Tom Judge
Tom Boeman Tom Judge
Will Alt Tom Judge
Michael Slingerland Andrew Camardella
Bob Loos Andrew Camardella
McTavish McArdle Andrew Camardella
Simon Pyle Andrew Camardella
Zachery Small Michael Patton
Leo Mohamed Dardiri
Amir Badri Leo Rodman
Jackson Ammenheuser Leo Rodman
Sky Nova Leo Rodman
Mari Belmares Andrew Camardella
James Villalpando Andrew Camardella
Jeremy Shaw Leo Rodman
Ashley Borg Justin Conroy
Molly Adamski Jeremy Shaw
Mariano Muñoz Ashley Borg
Nathan Upchurch Andrew Camardella
Deanna Williams Brad Jimenez