Tier 1 Cold Metals Authorization

From Pumping Station One

In the cold metals area we have grouped together authorizations on the non-precision cutting tools into a single authorization. The Rockwell drill press, Johnson Bandsaw, and DoAll Bandsaw are under the Cold Metals Tier 1 authorization process. The session covers basic operation and safety on the machines.

NOTE: Prior to April 2017, the Bench Grinder (6in), Belt Sander, and DeWalt Chop Saw were included in this authorization.

Monitor the mailing list for times and dates, or contact one of the listed authorizers.

Tools Requiring Cold Metals Tier 1

Clausing metal lathe

Bridgeport milling machine

Tormach CNC Mill

Cold Metals Tier 1 Authorizers

Please consult the Volunteer_Positions#Cold_Metals_Authorizers page for a current list of Cold Metals Tier 1 authorization volenteers

How to become a Authorizer

We want as many people available to do Cold Metals Tier 1 authorizations as we can get. The idea is to promote safety, and get people used to the sounds that a machine tool cutting well makes.

New authorizers get authorized to authorize others by (1) having some amount of presence in the shop and (2) closely following the "script" during EITHER a "dry-run" authorizing session given to an authorized authorizer -- or conducting a real-live authorizing session while being observed by an authorized authorizer. During such a session, the observing authorizer should _not_ have to speak. Obviously if the new authorizer-to-be has *significant* problems in communication of the content of the "script", the observing authorizer will contribute to the discussion. For the new authorizer-to-be it's a test, not an opportunity for team-teaching.

Tool information


General Personal Safety, and Consideration of Others

You must work safely. Your actions must not threaten the safety of you, of others, or the tools.You should never operate machine tools under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) or alcohol.It is your responsibility to protect your eyes. Safety goggles may be provided in the cage for activities that have the potential to generate flying particles. Activities which may, depending on circumstances generate flying particles include but are not limited to drilling, sawing, lathing, milling, hammering, chiseling, grinding, and belt sanding. Don't use goggles which are dirty or fogged-up. If cleaning is required cleansing pads may be available in the cage. To clean your goggles, all surfaces that have contact with the skin must be wiped down. The lens should be wiped down, both front and inside. If you choose to use purchase your own goggles be sure they are rated for labeled z87 (this should be written or stamped on the side of all goggles) and have side shields.Disposable earplugs may be supplied in the cage. Follow the instructions on the dispenser. They are surprisingly more effective if you do. Many types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are not effective if used improperly. If you don't know whether or how to use your protective equipment, read the instructions.Because of cost and hygiene problems, PS:1 cannot be depended upon to stock dust masks/respirators. If your work has the potential to generate dusts, mists, or vapors, you may proceed only by following these rules:

  1. Get your own respiratory protection. Ace Hardware has many types. Make sure the mask or filter is really for the substance confronting you. Do not, for instance, use a paper dust mask for organic paint fumes. Follow the mask manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Work in the back dock when possible, or with an exhaust fan on.
  3. If it is necessary to work in the main shop be sure you aren't inflicting your fumes or dust on someone else. It would be excellent if you as the fume generator waits until no one is present who could be harmed or inconvenienced by your activities.

When using power tools, remove gloves, watches, jewelry, and roll up your sleeves. Keep your hair tied back and tucked away. This is especially true for the drill presses, mill, and lathe. Tools with moving parts can injure your hands or catch your hair and pull your head into the machine. Gloves and loose clothing can also get caught in moving machinery. Never put your hand in the vicinity of any moving part of any machine. When adjusting the speed of a belt-driven machine (drill press, lathe, mill or other step-pulley drive) unplug the machine before putting your hands into the drive belts. Every Time.If in using any machine that cuts material, you cannot see a cut in progress because of chips or dust produced by the cutting process, a chip brush to clear the work zone -- never use your hands while the tool is on.PS:1 keeps fire extinguishers and first aid supplies on hand. It would be good to familiarize yourself with their locations before you begin your work.

It is best to not work alone in the shop while using machine tools. If you are hurt and cannot dial 911, another person in the space could do that for you. Use the right tool for the job. Incorrect tool usage produces bad results, and can be detrimental to you, your work, and the tools.Knowing a tool is knowing how it works. For instance, power tools make different sounds when they are working. Some sounds are HAPPY and some sounds are SAD. If you don't know how a tool should work, in spite of the demonstration given with this authorization, ask somebody who does know.

Safe and Proper Use of the Power Tools

This is not an instructional guide to being a machinist. For skill development in using tools in fabrication, you should take a class of some kind and practice, practice, practice. In this authorization, you will be shown only the basic operation of the tools. The purpose of these minimal illustrations of technique is so that you might have some idea of the types of things the tools are capable of. Authorization gives you permission to use the tools. Authorization to use the tools is not a certification of your competence.

Tool use

Horizontal Bandsaw

The horizontal bandsaw is only for cutting metals.

Clamp your work securely in the vise. Be sure that the work cannot rotate or flip around in the vise when the saw is pulling the blade through the cut. Close the blade guides to the minimum distance that will (1) clear the workpiece and (2) not interfere with the movement of the saw at the bottom end of its travel.

Set the force-control weight to apply proper pressure to the cut. In most cases, this is at minimum. (Closer to the motor is less cut force). Open the hydraulic valve to produce a good feed rate. If the blade seems like it's starting to snag the workpiece or clog the teeth, take a lighter cut by decreasing the feed rate. If the saw is not producing a chip, increase the feed rate. Unless there is a reason to be taking a very light cut, the sound of the saw teeth should be consistent during the entire rotation of the blade. Except when taking a very light cut, the sound of the saw teeth contacting the material should be consistent and chips should form at an even rate. Using coolant helps to preserve blade life, and increase the speed and quality of the cut. It also makes a mess.

A major cause of blade breakage is thin workpieces snagging the saw blade teeth. Snagging causes teeth to be broken and can also cause the blade to stall or come off the wheels. Check the blade for missing teeth before using the saw. A blade with missing teeth is usually not fit for use. Using a fine pitch blade on soft materials like aluminum can clog the teeth and cause the blade to grab the work and stall. Be sure the chips are clearing the teeth. If not, use coolant or a wire brush to push the chips from the teeth. Using a coarse blade on steel will cause the teeth to snag on the work and break off. Turning the saw off (stopping the motor) while the saw is in a cut can cause broken teeth. Any problem that can break a tooth can also cause the blade to come off the wheels. Use the right blade for the work. Trying to mediate a cut on the horizontal bandsaw can cause saw blade teeth to be knocked off the blade; set the saw to lower the blade slowly into the work and then let go. Be gentle with the hydraulic valve. It only requires a feather touch to turn it. Over-torquing the valve handle can damage the valve. If your workpiece gets snagged and stuck on the blade, stop the saw immediately. Unplug the saw, then try to pull the workpiece straight down off the blade.

To free the stuck workpiece, use a rocking or wiggling motion, in-line with the axis of the blade. Don't twist the blade. A bend or kink ruins the blade. If you still can't get your workpiece off the blade, don't force it. Tag the saw as “out of order” and post a message to the list saying “The blade on the horizontal bandsaw is stuck. Could someone please un-stick it.” If the blade comes off the wheels, tag the saw and post the problem to the list.

People who are Authorized for Cold Metals Tier 1

Qualified Member Trained By Date Trained
Will Brown Sam 9/5/18
Adam Glick Ed Bennett
Jeffrey Camealy Ed Bennett
Tina Croniser Ed Bennett
Sevin Straus Ed Bennett
Vladamir Riazanski Ed Bennett
James Porter Ed Bennett
Greg Teiber Ed Bennett
Everett Wilson Ed Bennett
Derek Bever Ed Bennett
Jay Hopkins Ed Bennett
James Porter Ed Bennett
Eric Stein Tucker Tomlnson
Todd Allen Ed Bennett
Mac MacDevitt Ed Bennett
Simon Cygielski Ed Bennett
Robb Rigs Ed Bennett
Arturo Duarte Ed Bennett
Michael Skilton Tucker Tomlinson
Justin T. Conroy Ed Bennett
David Fell Ed Bennett
Ray Doeksen Ed Bennett
Ryan Pierce Ed Bennett
Elizabeth Koprucki Ed Bennett
Casey Olson Ed Bennett
Ron Olson Ed Bennett
Thomas Wright Ed Bennett
Tom Judge Tucker Tomlinson
Edward Muela Anna Yu 5/13/14
Samuel Swope Anna Yu 5/13/14
Chris Agocs Anna Yu 6/3/14
Justine Miles Anna Yu 6/3/14
Robert Grossman Ed Bennett
Tom Forajter Thomas Wright
Alan Baker Tucker Tomlinson
Jeff McBride Ed Bennett 10/9/14
Mike Kislovsky Ed Bennett 10/9/14
Arjun Wadnerkar Ed Bennett 10/9/14
Oscar Villareal Ed Bennett 10/9/14
TomF (? 7-17) Thomas Wright
Rich Smith Thomas Wright
George Shaw Thomas Wright
Ron Bean Ed Bennett
John Butera Ed Bennett 10/18/14
Alex Schaffer Ed Bennett 10/18/14
Daniel Loeser Ed Bennett 10/18/14
Jonathan Bisson Ed Bennett 10/18/14
Kyle Bieneman Todd Allen 11/09/14
Scott Little Todd Allen 11/09/14
RJ Metzger Todd Allen 11/09/14
Giovanni Arroyo Todd Allen 11/09/14
Joao Santos Todd Allen 11/26/14
Nicholas Haldereman Todd Allen 11/26/14
Doorman Dave Todd Allen 11/26/14
Stephen Ioannou Todd Allen 11/26/14
Lucas Goossen Todd Allen 12/10/14
Roger Moore Todd Allen 12/10/14
Matt Wilkens Todd Allen 12/10/14
Rhonda Jackson Todd Allen 12/10/14
Matt Meshulam Todd Allen 12/21/14
Kevin Pulver Todd Allen 12/21/14
Andrew Camardella Todd Allen 12/21/14
Mike Coriale Todd Allen 12/21/14
Nick Naro Todd Allen 1/11/15
John Farmer Todd Allen 1/11/15
Jay Pee Todd Allen 1/11/15
Sam Paris Todd Allen 1/21/2015
Jake Rush Todd Allen 1/21/2015
Carolyn Ignacio Todd Allen 1/21/2015
Andrew Sowa Todd Allen 1/21/2015
Hilary Lee Todd Allen 1/21/2015
Eric Slehofer Todd Allen 1/28/2015
Sam Reicks Todd Allen 1/28/2015
Tyler Matthew Todd Allen 1/28/2015
Ben Bogler Todd Allen 1/28/2015
Brittany Krawczyk Todd Allen 1/28/2015
Cary Lahucik Todd Allen 1/28/2015
Eric Yu Todd Allen 2/8/2015
Davis Mazariegos Todd Allen 2/8/2015
Dan Baltudis Todd Allen 2/8/2015
Shae Kurko Todd Allen 2/25/2015
Curtiss Cooke Todd Allen 02/08/15
Ryan Taylor Everett Wilson 03/04/15
Joe Wallace Todd Allen 03/08/15
Josh Myers Todd Allen 03/08/15
Glenn Powers Todd Allen 03/08/15
Daniel Sojka Todd Allen 03/25/2015
Michael Patton Todd Allen 03/25/2015
Kevin M Sampson Todd Allen 07/22/2015
Steve Farkas Everett Wilson
Josh Cooper Todd Allen 09/30/2015
Sheila Miguez Everett Wilson 2015/12/29
Zonghe Chua Michael Patton 1/10/16
Brandon Love Michael Patton 1/27/16
John McDonald Michael Patton 3/6/16
Zachery Small Michael Patton 5/1/16
Josh Younger Michael Patton 5/7/16
Andy Muhic Michael Patton 5/7/16
Spencer Simms Michael Patton 5/26/16
Noah Lambert Michael Patton 6/15/16
Ian Monroe Michael Patton 6/29/16
Joe Iklov Michael Patton 6/29/16
Jim Brink Michael Patton 6/29/16
McTavish McArdle Michael Patton 2016-07-10
Patrick Bowling Michael Patton 8/14/16
Ashley Matrisciano Michael Patton 8/14/16
Juan Ramos Michael Patton 8/14/16
Leo Rodman Dean? 9/14/16
Dan Conrad Michael Patton 10/05/16
Aaron Mintz Michael Patton 10/20/16
Brian Carstensen Michael Patton 10/20/16
Chris Ruhland Michael Patton 11/7/16
Simon Pyle Michael Patton 12/5/16
Josip Fijacko Michael Patton 12/5/16
Adam Stein Michael Patton 1/14/17
Alex Berkowitz
Ese Osaghae Chris Ruhland 01/14/17
Paul McClay Chris Ruhland 3/23/17
Ed Breuer Chris Ruhland 04/09/2017
Haddon Pearson Chris Ruhland 4/29/17
Alan Feinerman Sam Olendorf 06/12/2017
Andrew Wingate Todd Allen 7/17/17
Stephen Foulkes McTavish McArdle 10/16/17
Charles Harmata McTavish McArdle 2017-10-23
Matthew DePree McTavish McArdle 2017-10-31
Szymon Mirek McTavish McArdle 2017-10-31
Arjun Sharma McTavish McArdle 2017-10-31
Steve Griegoliet Sam ? 2017-12-13
Jeff Gershune Sam 2018-1-24
Matthew Maggio McTavish McArdle 2018-04-03
Wayne Hendryx McTavish McArdle 2018-04-09
Alisha Ciardi Jim Brink 2018/05/08
David Earl Abel Greenwald 2018/05/08
Sam Wallinga Sam 2018/05/30
Maciej Warchalowski Sam Olendorf 2018/06/13
Earl Wood Sam Olendorf 6/13/2018
Dave Solomon Sam Olendorf 7/11/2018
Ryan Treacy Sam Olendorf 9/19/2018
Jacob Dawson Sam Olendorf 9/19/2018
Ben Dibuz McTavish McArdle 11/1/2018
Marcos Ruiz McTavish McArdle 2018-11-07
Jim Lund McTavish McArdle 2018-11-13
Tatjana Paunesku (tpaune) McTavish McArdle 11/27/18
Matthew Slizys Dave Solomon 11/18/18
Krystian Jasiak Dave Solomon 11/18/18
Michael Valdez Dave Solomon 11/18/18
Joe Mertz Dave Solomon 11/18/18
Daniel Gulick (dgulick) McTavish McArdle 12/12/18
John Zappa (jzappa) McTavish McArdle 11/27/18
Brandon Bay (bbay) McTavish McArdle 1/29/19
Oliver Sanchez(osanchez) Dave Solomon 12/18/18
Brian Barnt (bbarnt) Jim Brink 02/09/2019
Will Spears Jim Brink 02/??/2019
Charlie Kepner Jim Brink 01/12/2019
Kevin Schwartzenberg (schwartz) Dave Solomon 11/27/18
Marco Rios Dave Solomon 03/12/2019
Jamin Nollsch (jaaamin) McTavish McArdle 2/17/2019
Kevin Cluff (cluffkd) McTavish McArdle 2/14/2019
Ella Gentz (ellagentz) Abel Greenwald 03/19/2019
Mike Bart Abel Greenwald 03/19/19
Stevan Dedovic (sdedovic) Abel Greenwald 03/19/19
Greg Bell Jim Brink 3/23/2019
Sky Nova Dave Solomon 3/23/2019
Sean Blum Dave Dynatac 3/27/2019
Charlie Melidosian McTavish McArdle 5/28/2019
Andrew Morris Dave Solomon 5/28/2019
Paul Ocampo Dave Solomon 5/28/2019
Adam Ringwood Dave Solomon 5/31/2019
Bogdan Chernov Dave Solomon 6/4/2019
Chen Chen McTavish McArdle 6/6/2019
Tom Henderson McTavish McArdle 5/28/19
Mariano Muñoz McTavish McArdle 07/07/19
Michael Krueger McTavish McArdle 07/07/19
Michael Wilkin McTavish McArdle 07/07/19
Charles Ware McTavish McArdle 07/10/19
Mark Treiber McTavish McArdle 07/10/19
D. Lariviere McTavish McArdle 07/23/19
Patrick Cook McTavish McArdle 7/23/19
Matt Saunders McTavish McArdle 7/23/19
Ilya Deynega McTavish McArdle 7/23/19
Bill Hunt McTavish McArdle 8/13/19
Curt Williams McTavish McArdle 8/13/19
Joe Kardia Dave Solomon 8/15/2019
Stephen Bouchard McTavish McArdle 8/20/19
Daylan Dufelmeier McTavish McArdle 8/20/19
Tim Bielawa McTavish McArdle 8/20/19
Mike Thompson McTavish McArdle 08/27/19
Michael Baker McTavish McArdle 08/27/19
Rob German McTavish McArdle 9/24/19
Alex Tillit McTavish McArdle 9/24/19
Michael (Mike) Radziszewski McTavish McArdle 9/24/19
Lavande Chou McTavish McArdle 10/08/19
Paul Lukas McTavish McArdle 10/08/19
Victor Mateevitsi McTavish McArdle 10/21/19
Raymond Chace Dave Soloman 11/14/19
Mark Ventimiglia Dave Solomon 11/19/19
Sam Cooler McTavish McArdle 11/23/19
Vadim Hudolozhkin McTavish McArdle 11/23/19
Selden Paterson McTavish McArdle 11/05/19
Eric Byrne McTavish McArdle 1/21/20
William Flynn McTavish McArdle 02/04/2020
Michael Cox Ben Marshall 01/23/2020
Luke Wilk McTavish McArdle 02/11/2020
Books McTavish McArdle 02/11/2020
Brent Myers Ben Marshall 03/11/2020
Shayan Ranjbari Dave Solomon 07/13/2020
Grant Wagner Dave Solomon 08/15/2020
Ralph Brendler McTavish McArdle 2020-06-19
Phillip Jividen Abel Greenwald 2020-09-20
Tom Cummings Dave Solomon 09/21/2020
Ken Schultz McTavish McArdle 10/01/2020
Karl Schmidbauer McTavish McArdle 10/15/2020
Ellen Lustig McTavish McArdle 10/28/2020
David Milligan Dave Solomon 11/28/2020
Ian Einhorn McTavish McArdle 01/19/2021
Mack Reed McTavish McArdle 02/11/2021
Eric Koop McTavish McArdle 04/06/2021
Scott Yoder McTavish McArdle 05/11/2021
Joel Broughton McTavish McArdle 06/08/2021
Richard Pless McTavish McArdle 07/13/2021
Scott Mueller McTavish McArdle
Will Sumner McTavish McArdle 9/16/21
Sam Donahue McTavish McArdle 11/9/21
Vitaliy Volyanskyy McTavish McArdle 11/9/2021
Osi Van Dessel McTavish McArdle 12/13/2021
Davis Sayer McTavish McArdle 01/6/22
Jonathan Ellison McTavish McArdle 01/6/22
Jackson Miller McTavish McArdle 01/6/22
Shan Guleria McTavish McArdle 01/18/22
Illya Moskvin McTavish McArdle 01/18/22
Nathaniel Knize McTavish McArdle 01/20/22
Kevin Farthing McTavish McArdle 01/28/22
Alli Price McTavish McArdle 02/15/22
Brendan Twaddell McTavish McArdle 02/24/22
Joseph Angelo McTavish McArdle 02/24/22
Andrew Skalak McTavish McArdle 03/03/2022
Nate Leonard McTavish McArdle 03/22/22
Charles Currier McTavish McArdle 03/31/22
Sam KenKnight McTavish McArdle 03/31/22
Ian Sampson McTavish McArdle 04/11/22
Henry Hinnefeld McTavish McArdle 04/11/22
Aaron VerDow McTavish McArdle 04/21/22
Mary Kay Prizwan McTavish McArdle 09/20/22
gary newhouse Dave Solomon 0summer/22
Aaron Moring-D'Angier Dave Solomon 07/01/23