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List of facilities. Any space or area not designated as part of a Hosted Area is part of the General Area.

First Floor


  • General work space with outlets, part of the "General" hosted areas.
  • Library



  • Sink
  • Induction burner
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator


  • Assorted tools for woodworking

General Work Space

  • 4 work tables
  • red tool cabinets
  • Personal project storage cabinets for full members


  • Four unisex, single-occupancy bathrooms; four downstairs and one upstairs
  • Numbers One & Two located in Lounge
  • Numbers Three & Four located in CNC
  • Number Five located in Electronics (upstairs, has shower, bring your own towel)

There is a wiki page about bathroom.

Utility Room (General Area)

  • furnace
  • air compressors

Loading Dock (General Area)

  • overhead door
  • hydraulic lift

Boiler Room (General Area)

  • fuses
  • other equipment potentially useful to contractors


We have three distinct areas (each a separate Hosted Area, with it's own area host, budget, and equipment) for working with metals:

Hot Metals

  • where you can weld, forge, roughly cut, etc. metals.

Cold Metals

  • where you can do precise metalworking with large equipment

Small Metals

  • the place for all your nonferrous small metal and jewelry-making needs.

Second Floor

Electronics/Mechatronics Lab

  • Assorted electronic test equipment and power supplies
  • Assorted component and hardware
  • Soldering equipment and electrical wire/components
  • Video projector
  • White board
  • Speakers

Graphic Arts and Textiles

  • Projector
  • Available art supplies
  • Available fabric, thread, sewing machine, serger, iron, sewing tools, and loom.
  • Eight foot sewing cutting table/craft table

Catwalk (General Area)

  • IT Server rack with server equipment available for experimentation and personal projects
  • Personal project storage cabinets for full members

2nd Floor Bathroom

  • Unisex, with shower.


  • Pooping Station One, Two, Three, Four, and Five
  • Unisex, single-occupancy, four downstairs and one upstairs
    • One & Two located in Lounge
    • Three & Four located in CNC
    • Five located in Electronics
  • Upstairs bathroom has shower (bring your own towel)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towel_Day