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Name: Davis Cox #2D Printing

2dprinting at

Sam Donohue (authorizations) and Matt Keith (hardware-software) #3D Printing 3dprinting at

Jordan Kessel #Laser Cutter/Engravers lasers at

David Earl Shopbot_PRS_CNC_router dlwearl at

ShapeOko2 CNC Router and Tormach_1100_series_CNC_mill

cnc at

Ron Olsen CNC Plasma Cutter [email protected]

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Computer Numeric Control: computerized tools for manufacturing and crafting.


Clean Up

  • Please allot time for your project to clean up after yourselves. Throw away scrap, and store usable materials in the file cabinet.
  • Empty Laser Engraver catch trays.
  • Please return all tools from where you found them.
  • Empty the trash when it is full

Conserving Energy

  • Turn off the exhaust after a project. Do not cycle the exhaust rapidly.
  • Turn off the Lights and A/C at the end of the day.
  • Turn off 3D printers when prints are done.


  • There is absolutely no member storage in the CNC area. Please clean up all projects when you are done. Left over projects without any documentation will be thrown away.


Lasers are known to cause fire. If you leave your laser unattended, anyone else SHOULD halt or cancel it immediately, no questions asked, no excuses. DO not pass go, do not collect $200, go to laser jail. Lasers are more liable to cause fire if the material is too thick, has air pockets in it (like multi-layer cardboard) Lasers can cause toxic fumes if they are used with unsafe materials. There's a page of safe and unsafe materials linked from each laser's wiki page, and that is covered in authorizations. There is one halon fire extinguisher in the CNC room that is first choice for putting out fires associated with the laser cutters. As long as the lids are closed, you do not need to wear additional protective eye wear to operate the lasers. Don't mess with the safety interlocks that detect if the lid is closed. Do not ever laser humans or animals.

Tools Available

There is an automatically built list of CNC-tagged equipment at the bottom of this page. If a thing does not show up on the automatically populated list, please edit that equipment's wiki page to make it happen.

2D Printing

Fused Filament Fabrication

  • MakerBot Replicator - Removed from the space? Gone? At the best it's offline, broken, not usable unless you like tinkering.
  • Jellybox - New to PS1, broken at the moment (needs a hot-end repair) and skimpy wiki page
  • LulzBot AO-100 3D printer - Larger volume. Works. Regular extruder cannot do flexible filament. Flexistruder needs a firmware update to use, then you have to change the firmware back to use regular filament, which is lame but ... maybe that can be fixed/updated someday.
  • Lulzbot TAZ3 3D printer
  • 3dSystems CubeProTrio 3D printer - Usable, but has a weird history of using proprietary filament so then we hacked it so that it can use any old filament but ... read the CubePro wiki page, the backstory is needed if you intend to use it.

StereoLithography Additive Manufacturing

3D Scanning

Laser Cutter/Engravers

CNC Routers

CNC Mills

Misc Equipment


Supplies are generally not provided. There are some PS1-owned bits in the drawer for the ShopBot, but you may wish to purchase your own bits if you want to be confident that you'll have a good, sharp bit of the appropriate size for your project. If you break a shop-owned bit, please tell the area host and post a note to the wiki and Google group.

There is often some common-use filament available for the TAZ3, AO-100 or Replicator 3D printers, but you may also used your own if you want to be confident that you'll have enough high-quality filament for your project. Filament can be purchased at MicroCenter and other retailers for about $20 per spool. Filament can be purchased for the Cube printer for about $100 per cartridge.

All machines, including the vinyl cutter and large format printers, should have information about their consumables listed on their respective wiki page.

There is a donation box next to the Cube printer for filament; suggested donation for Cube filament is 30 cents per gram.


Authorization for the Shopbot_PRS_CNC_router will appear as a Meetup event, and on the PS1 event calendar.

Authorization for other equipment varies, the policy may be listed on the tool's own wiki page. Some authorization events may be listed as Meetup events, events, on the PS1 event calendar (which is mirrored on the PS1 web site "Events" page) or may be announced on the PS1 Google Group (generally the private one, not the public one).

For authorization for the Laser Cutters, please email [email protected].

To be able to log in on the lasers or ShopBot PCs you must have your member login account modified by a member who has admin privileges. Once you are authorized, you will use the same username and password you would use on any other PS1 computer.