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How to Use Our Tools

For the vast majority of our tools (listed below), you are required to

  1. Be a member of Pumping Station: One.
  2. Get authorized on the tool before you use it.

If "Authorization Required = Yes" on the tool's page, then please get authorized before using that tool. Some Authorizations are viral, as in anyone who is already authorized can teach you how to use a tool. While others, can only be authorized by a qualified authorizer and are typically done through a class.

You can find the list of people certified on the tool's wiki page. Most folks will certify you if they have time and you ask nicely, as long as they feel qualified to.

A good way to organize and reach a number of people to get authorized is through the Member Mailing List

How to list a Tool

Please help us make and maintain tool pages! All the tools in the categories below are automatically populated in their respective categories by a handy template. You can find the template and instruction on how to use it on this page.

Sometimes the tool pages are hard to find because of the site indexing, please make sure not to create duplicate tool pages. If you find a tool that doesn't have a label and/or a tool page please make one and notify the appropriate area host. We use tool pages to collect pertinent information including, but not limited to: current status, downloads for manuals/drivers/software, maintenance schedules, basic operation, authorization procedures, links to other information on the internet, lists of qualified authorizers and authorized users.

Pages in category "Equipment"

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